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Long Beach Trucking Accident Attorneys

Long Beach Is a Tourist Destination…

Without a doubt, Long Beach is one of the most beautiful places in California. This is why so many tourists flock here every year! They can enjoy great food, lounge on sunny beaches, and stay at a haunted ship hotel. No wonder why so many people are moving here, too!

…Which Means Lots of Trucks to Bring in the Food and Goodies to Make the Fun Possible

In order for restaurants and shops to provide tourists and locals with exceptional food and goodies, these goods need to find their way into Long Beach. Food and merchandise sold in Long Beach is often brought in on large commercial trucks; you are not likely to see a man riding a motorcycle with a shipment of avocados or a helicopter dropping crates of t-shirts on the roof of a boutique. Almost everything that brings joy to people in Long Beach is there thanks to commercial trucks and their drivers.

The bigger the city gets, the more products (food and goods alike) that stores and restaurants will need to stock. This means more trucks to bring those products in! As more large trucks come to and from Long Beach, there are more opportunities for truck accidents.

Long Beach isn’t the most “truck friendly” city in the world. Long Beach is not full of wide intersections with plenty of room for big trucks to maneuver through. Many of the streets are on the narrower side so trucks need every inch they can get to take turns and make their way to the stores and restaurants that they are delivering goods to.

What makes truckers’ lives harder than tight streets and intersections? Impatient people – and Long Beach has plenty of them!

Other motorists often don’t want to wait an extra 10 seconds to allow a big truck to take a turn or aren’t considerate enough to move their car back a couple of feet when an intersection proves to be too tight for a truck to fit through with cars in the way. Plenty more will ride in a truck’s blind spot or try to pass them to the right – often when the truck is attempting to turn right. This is a recipe for disaster!

Long Beach truck accidents often have severe impacts on communities and individuals. Whether you are injured in a truck crash, or you lose a loved one in an accident, the May Firm can help. Call our Long Beach truck accident lawyers to schedule a free case evaluation.

When Truckers Make Mistakes, the Consequences Can Be Huge

Truck accidents are not always caused by other motorists. In fact, many of the truck accident cases that the personal injury lawyers at The May Firm have handled have actually involved wrecks caused by the truck driver.

Studies by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration suggest that truck driver error is the root cause of 88% of all commercial trucking accidents. Driving a tractor trailer truck or other type of large vehicle is a serious undertaking and a huge responsibility and when drivers fall short, they should be held responsible for any injuries that they cause.

Truck drivers are prohibited from driving more than a certain number of hours on a given day and they are required to spend a minimum number of hours resting before getting back behind the wheel. Exhaustion (usually from lack of sleep) is the leading cause of truck driver error resulting in an accident.

Whether you need a commercial truck or tractor-trailer accident lawyer in Long Beach, call us. We’re poised to serve you however we can.

What Makes a Truck Accident in Long Beach Especially Bad?

It’s no secret that Long Beach is densely populated. Not only can truck accidents cause congestion and traffic chaos, but the potential for catastrophic injuries is severe.

  • Truck accidents often involve multiple vehicles, resulting in many casualties.  
  • Multi-vehicle pileups create many legal issues. For example, it’s more challenging to work out who to sue and who is responsible for your injuries.  
  • Blocked roadways affect the wider community. Impatient and frustrated drivers may be more likely to have accidents elsewhere. The result? More injuries!

Car and motorcycle accidents can be serious. But truck accidents can – and usually do – have profound impacts on local communities.

The May Firm Knows Long Beach Truck Accidents

Our attorneys are experienced Long Beach truck accident lawyers. Here’s why this experience matters.

  • We understand who to hold responsible for your injuries.  
  • Our lawyers know what challenges you might face – and how to overcome them. 
  • We have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations involved, and how they apply in your case. 
  • Our team knows how to accurately value your claim, so you pursue what your case is worth.

We have no qualms holding negligent parties to account for the damage they cause. Whether you need a big rig or semi-truck accident lawyer in Long Beach, we’re here for you.


Truck accident claims aren’t just complicated. They can be devastating for those involved – especially if you lose a loved one. The best truck accident attorneys in Long Beach understand how difficult this time can be for victims and their families.

And that’s why you should trust the May Firm with your claim. At our law firm, we don’t just treat you as a statistic. We care about more than winning your case. We care about helping you move forward with your life with the compensation you deserve.

From the moment we take on your case, we’re invested in the outcome. Our years of experience mean we know what’s involved in these types of claims – and how to boost the chances of success.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll secure you compensation, but you can trust that we will do everything possible to succeed.

And you have nothing to lose by meeting with our commercial truck accident lawyers in Long Beach. We don’t charge anything unless your case is successful, so there’s no need to worry about attorney fees!

Let us hold trucking companies to account for you. Let us help you secure the damages you’re entitled to. Call our big rig accident lawyers in Long Beach now for a free case evaluation. Call (866) 619-6679 to start.

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