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A highly trained Bakersfield personal injury lawyer at The May Firm has the necessary knowledge and experience to help all Bakersfield residents with a variety of cases, including motorcycle, car and bicycle accidents, defective products, dangerous premises, catastrophic accidents and much more.

Each of one our personal injury attorneys are fully dedicated to defending the rights of our clients, and will aggressively pursue the best resolution for each case. Being locally based gives us a lot of hands-on experience with the Bakersfield court system, and we will utilize this knowledge to make the entire process as smooth and successful as possible.

If you’ve been injured, contact the top-rated Bakersfield personal injury attorneys at The May Firm to learn your rights following a personal injury accident.

We understand the long-lasting and devastating impact that a traumatic personal injury can have on your life due to the need for continual treatment and long-term care. In some cases, a permanent disability can be caused by someone else’s negligence. These issues can hinder your ability to earn a living or find new employment.

Therefore, part of our job is to help you find the resources, including quality medical treatment, to ensure that you are able to return to health and resume your life. The law provides injury victims compensation for your losses and we fight for you.

With more than 360,000 residents in the area, it is no wonder that the majority of the county’s courthouses and government offices are located within the city of Bakersfield. Interstate 5 and State Routes 58 and 99 are some of the busiest and most dangerous highways in California. This leads to heavily congested driving conditions which increases the likelihood of being involved in a serious collision.

Bakersfield Personal Injury Attorneys Who Care

The entire staff at The May Firm is cognizant of the difficult and often delicate nature of personal injury accidents and claims. Our team of Bakersfield personal injury lawyers are dedicated to providing compassionate, personalized care for each client.

Our Bakersfield personal injury attorneys have earned their excellent reputation and have won numerous awards in the field of personal injury. Additionally, we have successfully recovered millions in damages for our valued clients. Our passion for ensuring that your legal rights are always upheld is clear in our client reviews and case results.

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Why So Many Accidents Happen In Bakersfield

Bakersfield is the largest city within Kern County, which encompasses more than 8,100 square miles. Bakersfield is conveniently located in the southern portion of the San Joaquin Valley, directly between Fresno and Los Angeles. The largest local employers are in the farming, agriculture and oil industries.

Unfortunately, this type of heavy labor can lead to a variety of personal injuries, especially trucking, farming and car accidents. The May Firm is here to help our clients get the justice they deserve. If you’ve been injured by no fault of your own, contact our office for a free consultation.

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The May Firm represents injured clients throughout Bakersfield and the entire San Joaquin Valley. Our Bakersfield office is located in the heart of downtown on California Avenue. Call us now to learn more about personal injury law and how it impacts your legal rights. At The May Firm, we’re dedicated to to helping people just like you get back on their feet by getting the compensation-and the justice-they deserve. If you or a loved one is in need of the services of a qualified Bakersfield personal injury lawyer, we would be honored to speak with you. Contact The May Firm today! Let our passion and experience be your guide.

frequently asked questions

If you sustained serious injuries due to the negligence of another party, you may qualify to pursue compensation under the personal injury laws of California. A knowledgeable and professional personal injury attorney can help you understand your rights and what compensation you should pursue for your losses. Below, we answer some of the questions that we hear most frequently from our personal injury clients.

Not all accidents will result in a lawsuit or claim for damages, but when you suffer injuries because of the negligence of an individual or other party, you may qualify to pursue compensation under the law. Personal injury law provides a path for aggrieved victims to seek recovery for the losses they have incurred at the hands of another party.

Personal injury law provides an avenue toward relief for individuals who have sustained avoidable or preventable injuries due to the actions (or inaction) of another party. To successfully recover for the damages you have sustained in an accident, you must show that a party’s negligence caused your injuries. To establish negligence, you must prove that certain elements existed at the time of your accident.

To succeed in your personal injury claim, you must establish:

  1. That the at-fault party owed you a duty of care, whether an individual, a business, an organization, or multiple parties.
  2. The at-fault party breached that duty of care. The breach may occur through direct or indirect action or a complete lack of action when some action would prove necessary or appropriate to protect the duty of care owed.
  3. You have sustained injuries or damages. To prove negligence, you must prove not only that the at-fault party engaged in reckless actions, but also that those actions caused you specific harm. If you somehow wound up unaffected by the breach, you would have no standing to recover under the law.
  4. The party’s breach caused your injury and damages. You must establish a causal link between the party’s violation of its duty of care to you and the injuries suffered to successfully establish negligence under the law.

Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. How an accident occurs will hold great weight in whether you have a valid claim for compensation under the law. The law does not limit the scenarios or situations that qualify an individual to seek compensation under the law. If you can show that a party’s negligence caused your harm, you may qualify for compensation for all of your losses.

Some of the most common personal injury claims stem from the following types of accidents:

  • Motor Vehicle Collisions – Car accidents constitute one of the most common examples of personal injury claims and lawsuits. With many distracted and reckless drivers on the road, negligence often results in serious accidents.
  • Large Truck Accidents – Semis and other large trucks pose a risk to the public due to their large size and the behaviors of the drivers that can put other vehicle occupants in unnecessary danger. Prolonged hours on the road, inexperience, and other factors can contribute to a truck driver’s negligence and result in serious injuries to other drivers on the road.
  • Motorcycle Crashes – Motorcycles get a bad reputation, and many people quickly assume that the motorcyclist’s actions caused any accident that involves a motorcycle. However, statistics show that the majority of motorcycle collisions result from other negligent drivers that impede a motorcycle’s path and provoke a wreck.
  • Catastrophic Injuries – Accident injuries can range from minor to fatal. However, a catastrophic injury can change the life of a victim and their capacity to function and lead a fulfilling life. For many survivors of catastrophic injuries, their care will last a lifetime, and they may need daily assistance for the rest of their lives. These particular cases can result in significant damages due to the current losses suffered and the long-term costs that will accumulate throughout a victim’s life.
  • Wrongful Death – The passing of a loved one always proves difficult, but when your loved one suffers a preventable death caused by the negligence of another, you may qualify to recover compensation under the law for the unexpected death of your loved one and the expenses and damages related to the loss.
  • Premises Liability – If you sustain injuries, the property owner may face responsibility for your damages. Private property owners owe a duty to maintain safe grounds for all they welcome onto their properties. If a specific failure contributed to an accident in which you suffered harm, you may qualify to seek compensation through an insurance claim or lawsuit.
  • Product Liability – Defects in the manufacturing or distribution of products can unknowingly create a danger to the public. If you sustain injuries due to a defective product through no fault of your own, the company or companies involved in the production of that item may bear liability for your injuries and losses.
  • Abuse of Elders or Neglect – You trust a nursing home or rehabilitation center to care for your loved ones with compassion and professionalism. When this care falls short and causes injury through either neglect or purposeful abuse, you can seek justice and compensation from the at-fault party.
  • Medical Malpractice – We all turn to doctors for treatment and solutions to our health concerns. When their care breaches the duty owed to you as a patient, and you suffer injuries as a result, the doctor may bear liability for the damages caused. Malpractice injuries can result in disability, chronic conditions, and lifelong discomfort for a patient.

Other Accidents Caused by Negligence – Any accident caused by the actions of another could serve as the basis for a personal injury claim or lawsuit. If you or a loved one sustains injuries due to the fault of another person or entity, you may qualify to pursue compensation under the law.

Liability for personal injury cases will indicate who bears responsibility for paying for the losses and injuries you have sustained. While an at-fault party may constitute the primary liable party, many other parties can also face liability for your damages. Through a settlement or lawsuit, a court or insurance company will assign all parties that contributed a negligent act that resulted in your injury a percentage of fault. This will allow a victim to seek compensation for the full cost of the injuries, based on the calculation of damages and fault.

Liability for personal injury cases may include one or more of the following parties:

  • The individual at fault
  • An employer
  • A business, company, or another type of organization
  • A doctor or other healthcare professional
  • Property owner
  • Manufacturer or distributor of a product

When victims suffer injuries in an accident, they should focus on their health and recovery. However, a personal injury victim may soon feel consumed by stress and worry regarding the financial consequences and impacts that stem from the injuries suffered in the accident. The law delineates the type of damages that injured individuals may qualify to pursue under the law. Damages in a personal injury case can include both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

These damages include the losses that many victims first consider: the financial expenses and costs of the injuries they have suffered. These damages constitute tangible monetary losses that you can easily estimate and calculate based on specific evidence, such as bills, receipts, and other records.

The economic losses in a personal injury case most commonly include:

  • Medical expenses – All costs associated with the emergency care and treatment of your injuries inclusive of rehabilitation and any necessary therapy.
  • Income losses – Lost wages while you recover from your injuries as well as any impacts on your ability to fulfill your work duties and meet the obligations necessary.
  • Property damage – Some personal injury cases can include damage to your personal property that occurred during the accident. If you also sustained damage to your property, you should include that in your claim and/or lawsuit.

Non-Economic Damages

Not every loss you suffer involves an exact monetary value. In fact, some of the most impactful and traumatic losses don’t relate to your finances at all. These non-economic losses include the damages you suffer to your way of life. Each victim suffers different non-economic damages. The experience of one victim will not necessarily reflect that of another, and the impacts of an injury to a person can involve many layers that affect how you live and enjoy your life.

Non-economic damages in a personal injury case can include:

  • Pain and suffering – Serious injuries often prove painful as they occur and throughout recovery. Treatments, surgeries, and other procedures can exacerbate that pain and discomfort in a victim. The suffering you endure after an accident can result in compensation in an injury claim or lawsuit.
  • Emotional and mental trauma – The events of an accident and its aftermath can cause intense trauma, emotional distress, and psychological impacts that affect a victim’s day-to-day life and future. The distress that you suffer to your emotional and mental wellbeing from an accident can result in compensation in the form of money in a personal injury matter.
  • Loss of quality of life and enjoyment – Your personal life experience is unique to you. When your ability to enjoy your life as you did before the accident or your quality of life goes down because of your injuries, you can seek these often irreparable damages as part of your personal injury claim. Although no amount of money can make up for the losses you’ve suffered, a claim or lawsuit allows for you to receive compensation for the unfortunate and tragic effects that the accident and your injuries have had on your life now and in the future.
  • Loss of consortium – The family of personal injury survivors can also suffer losses due to an accident. In many cases, the family may need to provide for your primary care and wellbeing. The relationship that your family members once enjoyed with you may change forever because of an accident. These family members may qualify for compensation for the loss of relationship and companionship that has resulted from your injuries.

Wrongful death – If your loved one died in a preventable accident, your family may face not only a deep emotional loss but also unexpected financial hardship. In a wrongful death claim, the surviving family members of a loved one that has died in an accident caused by negligence may qualify to pursue compensation. Monetary compensation can include the losses of financial contribution to the family unit as well as funeral and burial expenses.

After a personal injury occurs, injured individuals have a very narrow window in which they can take legal action against the parties responsible for the injuries and damages. This time window constitutes the statute of limitations. Each state sets its own rules on how long plaintiffs have to file for recovery of their losses from a negligent party. In California, the statute of limitations gives a claimant only two years from an accident to initiate a lawsuit against a responsible party.

Any claimant that fails to file in the time required by the statute may lose the right to pursue any financial recovery. While two years may seem like a long time, it can pass quickly when a personal injury matter proves complex. Ultimately, your attorney will work to settle your case out of court, but if that proves unviable, you may need to file a lawsuit to protect and preserve your rights to recovery.

If you or a loved one sustains injuries at the hands of a negligent party, you could qualify to pursue compensation. Contact The May Firm’s Bakersfield personal injury attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your case and your legal options.

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