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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers In Long Beach, Ca

Long Beach: A City Where You Want To Get Out And Run (Or Walk!)

Long Beach is a beautiful city. With its great weather year-round, people can’t help but want to be outside. Additionally, there is so much to do that it isn’t hard to walk from dinner at a restaurant to a bar for some drinks a block away. Wherever you go in Long Beach, there are always people on the sidewalks and in cross walks.

Types Of Pedestrian Accidents In Long Beach

There are a number of ways in which a pedestrian in Long Beach can find themselves injured. Some of the different types of pedestrian accidents that personal injury lawyers at The May Firm see happening far too often include:

Pedestrian Vs. Vehicle

Without a doubt, the most serious pedestrian accidents that The May Firm handle involve a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle, be it a car, commercial truck, or motorcycle. In all of those cases, the pedestrian was very seriously hurt because a person is simply no match for thousands of pounds of metal travelling at 25 mph or more.

Pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents don’t usually occur on the sidewalk. It would seem that Long Beach drivers generally keep their vehicles on the roadway. However, some also tend to place their cars in crosswalks that they shouldn’t be in, usually striking a pedestrian in the process. It is really important for drivers to look both ways before proceeding through a crosswalk, whether it’s a stand-alone crosswalk in the middle of a street or one located in an intersection where a driver is wanting to turn. Unfortunately, drivers in Long Beach don’t always do this and as a result, The May Firm has met a number of pedestrian clients who were injured by a vehicle in a crosswalk.

Pedestrian Vs. Bicycle

In a case of pedestrian vs. bicycle, it’s sometimes hard to tell who will win. Although a bicyclist is probably going to be injured when thrown from the bike, they are at least equipped with a helmet. Most people don’t usually wear helmets when they’re just walking down the sidewalk. Far too often, The May Firm is meeting clients who were on the sidewalk (as designated for pedestrians) and ended up being struck by a bicyclist who evidently did not want to use the designated bike lane. In those cases, our pedestrian clients have suffered some pretty serious injuries. Many pedestrian vs. bicycle accidents can be avoided if bikes simply stay in the bike lane.

Pedestrian Vs. Sidewalk Obstacle

Up until recently, The May Firm was seeing only a handful of cases where pedestrians were injured by some sort of obstacle on a sidewalk. Over the course of the last few years, however, The May Firm has seen an increase in pedestrian accidents occurring after a pedestrian was injured (usually by tripping) by some sort of obstacle that was carelessly discarded on the sidewalk.

Pedestrian Vs. Dog

The May Firm has handled a number of cases where a pedestrian (in this case, someone who isn’t actively driving a car or riding a bike) found themselves seriously bitten by a dog. It’s hard to know if this is because there seems to be an increasing number of stores and restaurants that allow people to bring their dogs inside, thus encouraging people to bring their dogs out in public more often. However, this is definitely a theory that the personal injury lawyers at The May Firm have. Long Beach certainly has a fair number of businesses that allow non-service dogs inside so it is not unusual to see dogs throughout the city outside for more than just a potty break.

How Can The May Firm Help You To Recover?

The attorneys at The May Firm take pedestrian accidents seriously. We firmly believe that you should be able to walk down the street without fear of being hurt by someone else’s negligence. We also believe that if you weren’t able to do that because someone wasn’t paying attention when you were in the crosswalk and they hit you with their vehicle, they should be held fully accountable for their actions. This means covering the cost of your medical expenses as well as any pain and suffering that you experienced as a result of being injured in a pedestrian accident. You didn’t do anything wrong – they did. The financial burden is theirs to shoulder.

The May Firm has extensive experience handling pedestrian accident cases and our experienced personal injury lawyers are ready to hold the person who hurt you responsible. We have a team of doctors standing by who are skilled and ready to help you to develop a plan of attack to best handle your physical and emotional recovery.

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