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When a loved one experiences physical or mental decline, family members may come together and determine admitting their loved one to a nursing home is the appropriate next step for the loved one to recover as effectively as possible. Nursing homes can be a great option for a loved one to live out the remainder of his or her life peacefully and with dignity.

There has become an increasing need for assisted living medical facilities as many baby boomers are turning towards retirement age every single day. Many of these facilities are understaffed, therefore nursing home abuse can and does occur. Nursing home abuse should never happen. Unfortunately, it has become far too much of a reality in California’s nursing homes.

When you place your loved one in the care of an assisted living center or a nursing home, you expect that the caregivers will treat your family member with the same respect and love that you would treat your family member with in your own home. However, In the event that those standards are not upheld you may be eligible to pursue compensation with a California nursing home abuse claim. If your loved one was neglected, received substandard care, was mistreated, or was killed as a result of someone else’s reckless or negligent actions, you need a San Luis Obispo elder abuse attorney who will stand up for your rights and the rights of your loved one.

Kinds of Elder Abuse in San Luis Obispo

Though physical abuse is often conceived as the most common type of nursing home neglect and violence, it is not the only type of abuse to occur in these facilities. In fact, nursing home abuse can take on many forms, far more than physical mistreatment from a caregiver to an elder.

There are several different kinds of nursing home abuses and neglect. The nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys at our California law firm have extensive experience handling multiple types of cases including those resulting from under or over medicating, excessive restraint use, force feeding, failure to provide treatment, inattention to request for care and support, mishandling or resident movement and transportation and improper upkeep or cleanliness or hygiene.

If you have noticed any of the signs and symptoms of abuse or neglect you may need to consult with an experienced attorney sooner rather than later. A common red flag that abuse or neglect may be occurring is when your loved when no longer feels comfortable talking about his or her care situation while staff are present or nearby. Nursing home abuse cases are very personal and sensitive matters.

It is never easy to acknowledge that your loved one may be the victim of abuse or neglect by a nursing home facility employee. However, it is crucial to find the best San Luis Obispo elder abuse attorneys who have experience in this field and who will work diligently on your case to protect the dignity of you and your loved one.

Noticing the Symptoms of Nursing Home Abuse

There are many different ways that symptoms of abuse and neglect may begin to manifest. As the loved one, you may be the only advocate for your family member’s rights. If you notice that your loved one has persistent bed sores, this could be an indication that caregivers are ignoring your family member and not tending to him or her at appropriate intervals. Dry or cracked lips may be a sign that your loved one is not getting the hydration that he or she needs.

There is no reason that an elderly individual should be stripped of his or her ability to age with grace and dignity inside a nursing home or other care facility. Patients are the ones who suffer in the form of nursing home abuse or neglect when a facility puts too much pressure on the staff. A facility also risks the well-being of its patients if it fails to have supervisory practices in place that put safety of the patient as the utmost priority.

Contact a San Luis Obispo Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Thankfully, California law protects elderly individuals from sexual, physical, emotional, and other abuse inside nursing homes and elsewhere. The only way to stop the cycle of abuse is to consult with an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible after you notice the situation has happened. Reaching out to get help may not only help stop the cycle of abuse against your loved one, but it may also prevent other victims from suffering a similar fate.

Frequently, it is the family members who are the best advocates for their loved one suffering in this situation. Your elderly loved one may be unwilling or unable to speak up for himself or herself, but you may bet the appropriate advocate. Consult with a lawyer about the right to recover compensation and bring legal action against a negligent nursing home. Contact The May Firm today for your free consultation.

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