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Unfortunately, thousands of individuals are hurt in accidents involving watercraft and boats every single year. Due to California’s beautiful weather and extensive access to waterways, the numbers of accidents are higher here than in other states. In the event that you have recently been injured in an accident that was caused by another person’s negligent or reckless behavior while on a boat, you may be eligible to recover compensation after consulting with an experienced attorney.

Accidents on the water have the possibility of causing critical injuries or even fatalities, whether the collision occurs on jet skis, speedboats, cruise ships, a personally owned vessel, party boats or sailboats. One of the most important steps to take immediately after an accident like this is to determine liability and fault in watercraft accidents. Unfortunately, this process can be extremely complex and  that is why  it is recommended that you consult with an attorney sooner rather than later.

The California Department of Boating and Waterways shares that 244 boating accidents happened when a boat was simply cruising, while another 72 boating accidents occurred due to a boat just drifting in the water. Far too many of these catastrophic accidents were the result of water skiing and high speed collisions, but any type of accident can prove fatal when it happens out on the open water.

Common Types and Causes of Boating Accidents

Many San Luis Obispo boating accidents involve a wreck between two or more vessels. Some of the other common types of boating accidents includes skier mishaps, sinking, flooding, capsizing, grounding, falls overboard, and crashes with submerged objects.

Human error is one of the most common causes of a boating accident that leads to injuries or even fatalities. In fact, the most common cause of California boating accidents involve operator negligence. An at fault boat operator can be found liable for victims’ losses, damages, and injuries.

However, operators alone are not totally responsible for 100% of boating accidents. Machinery failure can be responsible for up to 9% of all crashes. If a defective boat part causes an accident, an injured victim may have recourse to pursue several different personal injury claims.

Any victim of a mechanical malfunction on the water should make sure to keep their watercraft so that it can be evaluated later on. In the state of California, operators and owners of boats are responsible for following federal and state laws associated with operation and maintenance of watercraft. Boat operators are forbidden from driving negligently or recklessly- in any way that could endanger others. It is also the responsibility of any California boat operator to have an appropriate number of life jackets on board, as well as fire extinguishers.

Next Steps for Victims in Boating Accidents

Victims and their family members should know about their rights in these particular situations. Operators and owners have a serious responsibility to pilot craft in a safe and a legal manner. Safety, while operating, must be top priority. Careless or reckless operation, boat malfunction, inexperience, and operation of a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol often result in far too many boating accidents.

In the entire United States, California has the second biggest accident rate involving boats. There are nearly one million watercrafts such as sailboats, powerboats, personal watercraft, pleasure boats, and jet skis registered across California alone. Boating accidents frequently result in personal injuries while on the boat, boat disappearance, sinking, or collisions with other boats.

Speak with an Award Winning Injury Law Firm

Many boat operators assume that it is okay to drive under the influence of alcohol because they are out on the water and not on the open road. This tragic misconception leads to too many fatalities in California every year. In the event that you have recently been injured in a watercraft accident in California, you may need to pursue compensation for your injuries and lost wages.

Make sure you write down any specific details about how the crash occurred, take pictures of the damaged boat and any injuries you have sustained, and obtain contact information for anyone on the boat with you or any witnesses who saw the accident. It is also important to make an official report, get immediate medical attention, and hire an experienced San Luis Obispo boating accident attorney as soon as possible.

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