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Our seniors matter. They are among the most treasured members of our community, and they need our help. But understandably, they’re reluctant to give up their independence when they find it harder to manage on their own.

When a senior enters a nursing home, they expect high quality care from trained staff. They expect to maintain their quality of life so far as their health allows. But not all nursing homes provide the standard of care required of them. And in some cases, this carelessness causes injury or death.

If you’re loved one is injured due to nursing home neglect, call the May Firm. Our nursing home abuse lawyers in Fresno will review your case for free. And if you have a claim, we’ll help you get the damages deserved. Call now at (559) 385-2090.

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What Is Nursing Home Negligence?

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Negligence may include the situations described below, and more.

Failure To Provide Adequate Food And Drink

Seniors in a nursing home must have access to adequate, nutritional food and plenty of water and other beverages to help prevent dehydration. If a senior needs a special diet due to diabetes or heart disease, the nursing home must provide food tailored to that diet.

The nursing home must also assist seniors with injuries or degenerative conditions that make it impossible for them to feed themselves. If the nursing home fails to provide adequate food and drink, residents may start to show symptoms of malnutrition or dehydration.

As nursing home abuse lawyers in Fresno, we frequently see the impact of elderly neglect. Our law firm will fight to get your loved ones the damages they deserve for mental and physical abuse.

Failure To Properly Supervise

Many senior adults, still possessed of all their mental faculties, require relatively minimal supervision. After receiving the assistance they need to take care of daily tasks, they can handle the rest of the day on their own.

Others, including those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, may need more care and supervision. Help prevents them from wandering off or engaging in dangerous activities that could lead to serious injury.

As mental capability deteriorates, caregivers may need to aid in feeding or supervise seniors to ensure that they eat the food put in front of them. Many nursing homes have special units for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The units require codes or badges to open the doors to the outside.

These measures can help keep seniors safer and prevent them from wandering. However, inattentive nurses or receptionists may allow doors to open or allow patients to slip outside, resulting in serious injury.

Neglecting Medical Needs

As seniors age, many suffer from significant health conditions that require regular medical treatment and supervision by a care provider. Some of those conditions require daily medications. Others may require specific treatments regularly.

Nursing homes must ensure that their residents receive adequate medical care based on their specific individual needs. Adequate medical care includes:

  • Administering medicine
  • Wound dressing
  • Injury identification
  • Making medical appointments

Unfortunately, seniors don’t always get the medical support they need in assisted living facilities. Common types of medical care neglect include:

  • Failing to give medicine on time, or at all
  • Improper wound care
  • Ignoring signs of infection or acute injury
  • Failing to seek medical opinions when required
  • Concealing injuries (if, for example, they occurred during that caregiver’s shift)

Neglecting medical needs can lead to serious or even fatal illness or injury. Our wrongful death and nursing home abuse attorneys in Fresno can help if you have concerns about a loved one’s treatment.

Neglecting Fall Prevention Procedures

Seniors have a higher fall risk than younger individuals. Often, they suffer severe injuries, including broken hips, as a result of a fall.

A nursing home should have fall procedures in place. These guidelines protect against accidents and explain what nurses should do if a senior falls. They’re especially helpful for residents more likely to fall, or suffer serious injury, due to a pre-existing condition.

For example, a bed may have pressure pads to alert nurses if a senior attempts to move by themselves. Or the bed may require bars to prevent the resident from getting out of bed themselves.

But when a nursing home fails to implement sufficient rules, or they don’t follow them, residents get hurt. Injuries can be severe and may include brain, spine, or bone injuries.

Failing To Aid In Self Care

As seniors get older, they may struggle more with activities that they handled just fine on their own only years before. These tasks include bathing, changing clothes, and taking care of basic grooming tasks.

Nursing home residents may need help getting dressed in the morning, shaving, brushing their teeth, or taking care of dentures.

Busy nursing home staff, however, may neglect to help with these tasks. As a result, family members may notice that seniors wear the same clothes several days in a row, that bed sheets do not get changed, and that seniors eventually start to smell. This lack of hygiene may lead to seniors falling ill more easily.

If you notice such signs, don’t hesitate to call our nursing home neglect attorneys in Fresno. We can help you manage the situation and explain how you might approach the facility with concerns.

Are you unhappy with how the facility responds to your concerns? Our team will explain your legal options and help you take matters further.

Ignoring Safety Protocols

Most nursing homes have routines and procedures in place to help prevent the transmission of illness, including the flu and COVID-19. In some nursing homes, however, nurses and caregivers ignore those safety regulations, resulting in the transmission of germs between residents. Sometimes, illnesses can lead to severe complications and even death.

Reasons for Fresno Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home negligence can occur for a variety of reasons. From the outside, you may think that you chose a wonderful facility that will provide everything your loved one needs. Unfortunately, on further reflection, you may discover that it suffers from some of the following common challenges.

Inadequate Staffing

Some nursing homes do not have enough staff members to keep up with demand. Sometimes, a single staff member may be responsible for far too many residents, which can significantly increase the risk of negligence.

Overworked staff members, including those who have worked too-long shifts, may find themselves shorting some of their residents on care to provide everyone with at least the bare minimum, Over time, they may have more trouble figuring out which patients they have worked with most recently or who they need to pay attention to next.

Poorly Trained Staff Members

Some staff members may not receive adequate training on how to handle safety concerns. For example, a staff member may not realize how they should respond to a patient with dementia to prevent that patient from slipping out the door behind a visitor, or that they need to latch memory ward doors securely.

Likewise, poorly trained staff members may not know how to handle patients with a high fall risk. They might be unsure how to monitor dietary requirements. Or it may be unclear how to handle patients who refuse to eat, or can’t eat due to medical issues.

Untrained staff can cause serious injuries. Our Fresno nursing home abuse lawyers can assist if you’re worried about staff competency.

High Turnover

Some nursing homes have a high degree of turnover: often because of understaffing problems, but sometimes due to reasons beyond the nursing home’s control. High turnover can make it more difficult for individual staff members to get to know patients and have a strong understanding of their needs, which increases the risk of serious errors and negligence.

Negligent Staff Members

While many nursing home staff members will go out of their way to ensure the highest possible standard of care for all residents, some may care less about the residents and more about securing a paycheck at the end of each pay period. These staff members may prefer to avoid actively working during their shifts as much as possible.

Instead, they may leave the work to other team members, which can lead to overworked staff members and create a vicious cycle that can prove hard to get out of. These staff members often come to the nursing home through staffing agencies, which may not have fully vetted potential employees before sending them in.

Who Bears Liability for Fresno Nursing Home Negligence?

Most often, liability for nursing home negligence rests on the company that owns the nursing home. Nursing homes must carefully vet their staff, monitor staff and residents, and ensure that excessive negligence does not take place. In some cases, however, other people or entities may share liability for nursing home negligence, including:


Sometimes, nursing homes have their own doctors on staff to provide care for residents. Other times, nursing homes bring in outside care providers to take care of their residents.

If doctors do not take adequate care of the patients in the nursing home, including avoiding tests or treatment because of the type of insurance the patient carries or an excessive caseload, they may share liability for any injuries or illness patients suffer as a result of their negligence in providing inadequate care.

Staffing Companies

Some nursing homes use staffing companies to fill gaps in their staff or to bring in new employees, especially if they have a high degree of turnover. Those staffing companies must carefully vet potential employees to ensure that they do not have a history of abusing or neglecting residents or patients. If the staffing company sends a caregiver with a known history of ignoring or abusing patients, the staffing company may share liability for a senior’s suffering at that staff member’s hands.

Filing a Claim After Fresno Nursing Home Negligence: What You Can Expect in Compensation

A Fresno nursing home claim cannot undo the effects of negligence, nor can it restore lost health. It can, however, provide much-needed compensation for the victim of negligence in a nursing home. At the May Firm, our nursing home neglect lawyers in Fresno CA care about fighting for justice. We will do everything we can to help you make things right, as far as possible.

Nursing home neglect claims vary depending on the type of neglect a patient has suffered, its severity, and what injuries or illness the neglected individual suffered from that neglect. However, most people claim the same general elements when filing a nursing home neglect claim, as described below.

Compensation For Medical Bills Sustained Due To Neglect

Neglect can lead to a host of medical problems that can have serious consequences for the victim. If you suspect your loved one has been a victim of nursing home neglect, you should pursue evaluation and treatment for your loved one as soon as possible. Some neglect claims may have obvious medical expenses already associated with them.

Suppose, for example, that the nursing home neglects your loved one medically by failing to provide the medications your loved one needs every day. A condition your loved one once managed just fine through medication gets out of control, leading to a host of health problems. Your loved one may require additional medications or even hospitalization to get the illness or condition back under control.

On the other hand, if your loved one suffers an injury as a result of neglect in their nursing home, your family may have direct medical bills associated with that injury: emergency transportation and treatment, surgical setting of any broken bones, and hospitalization while your loved one recovers.

Some seniors may need to go to an advanced care facility for a while following a serious injury to increase their level of care and help them receive rehabilitation services. They may then need continued physical or occupational therapy to help them cope with the impact of those injuries.

Compensation For Moving Expenses

Some seniors no longer wish to remain in the same nursing home after they suffer neglect. Others may need to move to a nursing home that offers additional care services, including more in-depth medical treatment.

If your loved one needs to move to another nursing home because of the neglect they suffered, the nursing home that neglected your loved one may bear responsibility for the expenses associated with that move. The nursing home that perpetrated that neglect may also bear responsibility for any increased expenses associated with the new nursing home.

Reparations For Your Loved One’s Pain And Suffering

Neglect can lead to substantial physical and emotional pain and suffering. Seniors suffering from neglect may develop significant psychological issues associated with that neglect, especially if it goes hand-in-hand with emotional abuse.

In many cases, your loved one may also go through considerable physical pain, especially if your loved one suffers a serious injury because of neglect. As part of a Fresno nursing home claim, your family may choose to include compensation for the pain and suffering your loved one faced in the nursing home.

Every nursing home abuse and neglect claim is different. The best nursing home injury lawyers in Fresno understand this. That’s why you should choose us, the May Firm, to represent your family.

To us, you’re not just a client. You’re family. We won’t just uphold your legal rights and follow procedural steps. We will treat you with the care, compassion, and respect you deserve.

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Our goal is to be a positive force for good in the local community and give back in some small measure to those we can serve. We receive satisfaction and joy from serving our clients and will continue to look for ways to be of assistance to the community as a whole. We receive positive energy from the community when we are involved.

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Our Fresno nursing home abuse lawyers stay well-informed and up-to-date on all applicable legal changes, so you can be confident that you will always receive relevant, current legal advice.

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Fresno Nursing Home Negligence FAQ

Did your loved one suffer neglect in a nursing home? Do you need more information about your specific claim? If you have specific questions about your loved one’s neglect and their right to file a Fresno nursing home claim, contact us as soon as possible. Below, take a look at some of the general questions about nursing home neglect that victims and their families often ask us.

Get a Free Consultation With an Experienced Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Fresno

If you or a loved one suffered neglect in a nursing home, the May Firm can help. Contact us today at (559) 385-2090 to learn more about your right to seek compensation following neglect or abuse in a nursing home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers provided by Fresno Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer courtesy of The May Firm
to some frequently asked questions we receive from clients.

Abuse generally consists of a deliberate act on the part of a staff member. Physical abuse, for example, is a direct act of violence, while emotional abuse may be perpetrated by a staff member who puts themself in a position of power over a senior or deliberately tears the senior down. Neglect, on the other hand, is generally a failure to act: Staff fails to provide needed care for residents of a nursing home or senior living facility.

Both neglect and abuse can have severe consequences for nursing homes that allow it to occur. Nursing homes have a legal duty of care to their residents and must provide a standard of care that maintains the residents’ quality of life as they age, despite physical conditions that could make self-care and other tasks more difficult.

COVID-19 has caused severe outbreaks in many nursing homes despite their best efforts. To determine whether you may have grounds for a Fresno nursing home claim related to COVID-19, consider whether your loved one may have contracted COVID-19 as a result of the nursing home’s negligence.

Did the nursing home fail to implement appropriate safety screenings for staff members? Did the nursing home allow in potentially ill visitors? Did the nursing home fail to take internal precautions to prevent or minimize the potential spread of the virus? If there is evidence that the nursing home’s negligence actively contributed to your loved one’s illness, you may have grounds for a nursing home neglect claim.

If your loved one died due to a nursing home’s negligence, you may have grounds to file a wrongful death claim.

wrongful death claim may include:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering that your loved one faced before death as a result of negligence.
  • Compensation for your loved one’s final medical, funeral, and burial bills.
  • Compensation for the loss of your loved one in your life.

To file a Fresno nursing home wrongful death claim, you must have a direct relationship with the deceased. Usually, the surviving spouse has the first right to file a wrongful death claim. If a surviving spouse does not exist, the senior’s children may have the right to file a wrongful death claim following a parent’s death in a nursing home due to negligence.

Each family can file only one wrongful death claim for the loss of a loved one. If you believe you may have grounds to file a wrongful death claim, talk to an attorney to learn more about your legal rights and how to protect yourself.

In most Fresno nursing home claims, the party who suffered an injury at the hands of another party must file the claim. If your loved one does not want to pursue compensation following nursing home negligence, you cannot go around them and file a claim on their behalf. You can, however, file a nursing home negligence claim on behalf of your loved one if you hold legal power of attorney for your loved one. You cannot file a claim on behalf of a loved one if you carry medical power of attorney alone.

Anytime you need to file a Fresno nursing home claim, it can help to have an experienced attorney on your side. Often, hiring an attorney will convince the nursing home’s lawyers or insurance company that you plan to seriously pursue your right to compensation, either on your own behalf or that of a loved one. Many clients find that an attorney can help increase even the initial offer provided by an insurance company.

An attorney provides many services related to your claim, including:

  • An attorney can establish evidence of negligence. Your loved one with Alzheimer’s smells constantly and seems to regularly wear the same clothes without washing, but the nursing home claims that your loved one gets into things, makes a mess, or causes the smell each time it occurs, and that clothing gets laundered between wears. Your loved one seems to have symptoms of malnutrition, but according to the nursing home, it occurred because your loved one refused to eat, not because the nursing home did not provide adequate food. Without evidence, you may struggle to prove that you have grounds for your claim. An attorney, on the other hand, can help investigate the nursing home and establish potential evidence of negligence. For example, the attorney might access video footage that shows a low standard of patient care or evaluate the nursing home’s policies to see how they may have contributed to acts of negligence. That evidence can help prove that negligence occurred.
  • An attorney can provide you with a better idea of what compensation you deserve. Many people do not know how much compensation their loved ones deserve for severe acts of negligence committed in a nursing home. You may, for example, not realize that you can seek compensation for moving expenses related to moving your loved one into a new nursing home, or that you can seek compensation for medical expenses your loved one sustained due to that negligence. Many nursing homes and their insurance companies will take advantage of that lack of knowledge to minimize the compensation victims of negligence can receive. An attorney, on the other hand, can provide you with a better understanding of the compensation your loved one deserves.
  • An attorney can make the process of seeking compensation less stressful for your loved one. You know that your loved one deserves compensation for the negligence they suffered in a nursing home. Unfortunately, neither you nor your loved one has any idea where to start in the quest for that compensation. Not only that, many seniors suffer extreme stress over the idea of going through a Fresno nursing home claim.
  • An attorney, however, can reduce much of that stress. An attorney can talk to your loved one, reassure them about the process of filing a claim, and help take many of the responsibilities related to the claim, including the burden of negotiating with the insurance company or nursing home, off of your loved one’s shoulders. An experienced attorney can speak out on your loved one’s behalf so that your loved one does not have to worry about what to say, how to say it, or any perception of weakness related to the claim.

Once you contact the nursing home board directly, you may see fast action on behalf of your loved one and other residents in the nursing home. Sometimes, the board may have little to no idea what actually takes place in the nursing home each day, and may act quickly to ensure that residents receive a high standard of care after having any instance of negligence pointed out to them.

The board, or a representative of the nursing home’s insurance company, may also seem determined to immediately provide you with compensation for your loved one’s losses. The representative you speak to may sound outraged and determined to “make it right” as much as possible.

Talk to an attorney, however, before accepting any offer. Often, settlement offers issued early in the investigation and negotiation process do not fully reflect the compensation your loved one deserves for losses they suffered due to nursing home negligence. That offer, as genuine and outraged as the representative sounds, may not actually account for the full compensation your family really needs or deserves.

An attorney can give you a better idea of how much compensation you really deserve, including when to accept a settlement offer and when you and your loved one may want to continue to negotiate.

If you suspect your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home, follow these steps to help protect your loved one and seek compensation, if needed.

  • Take any statements your loved one makes seriously. Residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia may attempt to communicate the neglect they are suffering in a nursing home, but because of their condition, family members may fail to understand and take action. For example, your loved one might let you know that a nurse “forgot to bring food” or “didn’t give a bath” one day, which you might brush off thinking these complaints are due to your loved one’s failing memory or other challenges. Instead, take any complaints your loved one makes seriously and investigate deeper. Long-term neglect can have serious health consequences, including potentially shortening your loved one’s life.
  • Investigate any suspicion of neglect and keep records. You came to visit two days in a row and noticed your loved one wearing the same outfit with a familiar stain on one cuff or at the collar. You took your loved one down for lunch and noticed that she seemed to eat more than usual. You started to see signs that your loved one suffered from malnutrition, or that your loved one’s conditions no longer seemed under control. If you notice any signs of neglect, make sure that you note them. You may want to take photos or otherwise collect evidence that can help establish when and how that neglect occurred.
  • Encourage your loved one to receive a full medical evaluation. If you suspect neglect, especially medical neglect, you may not want to trust the opinion of a doctor employed by the nursing home. Instead, consider contacting an outside provider to fully evaluate your loved one and give you a better idea of whether they may have suffered any ill effects from nursing home neglect. Not only can that medical evaluation help establish what type of negligence your loved one may have suffered, it can ensure that your loved one receives the treatment they need for any conditions they have suffered due to that negligence.
  • Contact an experienced Fresno nursing home negligence attorney as soon as possible to get a better idea of what you need to do next, from pursuing compensation to moving your loved one into another nursing home or facility. An attorney can help you determine whether you have grounds for a nursing home negligence claim.

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