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California Amputation Injury Attorneys

An amputation is the loss of a limb, such as your arm or leg. Amputations generally occur in one of two ways: surgical or traumatic. A surgical amputation is carried out at the hands of a skilled surgeon in the operating room and can be the result of any number of causes.

Surgical amputations may occur due to a serious infection of the limb or when a serious injury will not heal and would have a more serious impact on your quality of life than an amputation would. Traumatic amputations occur when a limb is severed from the body during an accident. People who work on machines, such as toolmakers, are at a particularly high risk of losing a finger or a hand every day at work.

Traumatic amputations most commonly occur in serious accidents, such as car wrecks that involve ejection. While riding in a car or truck, you typically have a little more protection than if you were riding a motorcycle. You have seat belts, airbags, and a dashboard and windshield to prevent you from being ejected from the vehicle.

Motorcycles, however, lack many of these features by design, and motorcyclists are typically ejected during an accident. This significantly increases their chances of a traumatic amputation. Amputations on California roadways are frighteningly common, especially for motorcyclists.

Amputations rarely happen without fault. Machine operators are trained to operate their machines safely, so if they lose a finger, it’s likely because something went wrong with the machine. In that case, the manufacturer of the machine could be held liable for their injuries. If someone is ejected from their vehicle and suffers an amputation injury in an accident that they did not cause, they could be entitled to compensation from the person who was responsible for the collision.

Unfortunately, the litigation process to ensure that an amputation injury victim is able to recover the compensation that they deserve can be lengthy and stressful. If you lost a limb in an accident that wasn’t your fault, the amputation injury attorneys at the May Firm are here to help! We specialize in recovery for amputation injuries in California!

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An amputation, whether surgical or traumatic, can be very difficult to overcome. First and foremost, it can be hard to adapt to having only one arm instead of two or learning how to walk without a leg. Additionally, victims of amputation injuries often develop issues with self-image and lower self-esteem as a result of their loss of limb.

Thanks to the ever-developing advances in technology, prosthetics are available for most types of amputations. A prosthesis is a replacement for the limb that you have lost. Some are more advanced, with technological features, while others are designed to fill in the place of a lost limb. Prosthetic legs allow an amputee to be able to walk again instead of being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their life.

However, learning to walk using a prosthetic leg is more difficult than many people would believe. Any kind of prosthesis can be uncomfortable at first, and balancing on a prosthetic leg is very different from balancing on your own leg. Learning to use a prosthetic limb of any kind, whether it’s a leg, arm, or finger, can be a very challenging, lengthy process. Unfortunately, prosthetics are also very expensive and aren’t always affordable for the average person.

The price tag may leave a prosthetic limb out of reach for some amputation injury victims.

A little-known side effect of an amputation is called phantom limb syndrome. Anywhere from 50–80% of amputees experience the phantom limb phenomenon. Someone who suffers from phantom limb syndrome will still feel the limb that is no longer there.

That limb may burn, itch, ache, hurt, and even feel like it’s moving. An amputee experiencing phantom limb syndrome may experience emotional distress at feeling a limb that is no longer there, especially when the sensations that they feel are uncomfortable and even painful.

Amputation injuries can be emotionally draining and physically painful well after the amputation has occurred. If you lost your limb as a result of an accident in California, call the May Firm today! You have more than enough to deal with in learning how to use a prosthetic and dealing with the emotional element of having lost a limb. Let us go to bat for you in court and fight for the compensation that you deserve!

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The May Firm: California Amputation Injury Lawyers

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Amputation injuries are life-changing. They are painful, both
physically and emotionally, and amputation injury victims
can end up drowning in medical bills. If you lost a limb, you
will want to reach out to a personal injury attorney who
specializes in amputation injuries to ensure that you are
able to get the compensation that you deserve.

You may be entitled to recover the costs of all of your
medical bills, for both past and future treatment,
reimbursement for your prosthetic, lost wages, and
compensation for your pain and suffering!

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Amputation injuries are complicated, and the process to recover the compensation that you deserve is even more complex. Attorneys at the May Firm specialize in the recovery process for amputation injuries. We know the ins and outs of the litigation process and have been very successful in ensuring that our clients have been able to recover for their injuries. We work on a contingency basis, which means that you don’t have to pay a dime until we win your case! Contact our California amputation injury lawyers for a free consultation today!

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