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A catastrophic injury is an injury that is caused to the brain, or the spinal cord. Catastrophic injuries are classified based on three outcomes: fatality, those causing severe disability, and those causing no disability. Catastrophic injuries can cause life changing injuries, and deprive the victim of the ability to live a normal life.

A catastrophic injury often causes severe and permanent disruption to the brain and central nervous system, which can lead to loss of mobility, communication and cognitive abilities.

Catastrophic injuries can also alter circulatory system, respiratory system and urinary system. Damages to these vital networks of the body can require extensive and expensive medical treatment. Costs associated with medical treatment for catastrophic injuries can quickly add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the event that you or a loved one has sustained catastrophic injuries as the result of another’s negligent behavior, contact The May Firm today.

If you have a potential catastrophic injury case, it is extremely important to hire an experienced lawyer. Injuries of catastrophic nature require knowledge about the injuries, the medical treatment required to treat such injuries, and the law pertaining to catastrophic injury claims.

The May Firm has successfully represented thousands of catastrophic injury claims. We believe that no victim should be left uncompensated for such horrific injuries. Call The May Firm today, and let our firm fight for your right to compensation.



Catastrophic injury claims are very complex. The needs of the victim should be represented by a highly experienced catastrophic injury attorney. In California, the laws pertaining to catastrophic injuries are very strict, but the laws do allow for victims of catastrophic injuries to file for compensation of damages. An attorney who is well versed in the laws surrounding catastrophic injury claims will be an expert on the rights of victims, and how those rights allow victims to receive compensation.

There are numerous firms in the state of California that handle accidents related to catastrophic injuries. When searching for legal representation, it is important to pick an attorney who will not only support the victim, but who will also take necessary legal action against the party that is responsible for the injuries. The May Firm is prepared to fight the fight. Our attorneys have been nationally recognized as some of the top litigation lawyers in the state of California.

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If you have sustained a catastrophic injury, contact The May Firm now. It is important to find experienced legal representation sooner rather than later. The May Firm attorneys will collect all documentation that is needed for your case. We will contact expert witness to give second opinions, and we will connect you with the best medical providers in the area to ensure that your injuries are properly treated. The majority of our cases settle outside of court, but if a case must go to court, our attorneys are prepared to do the work.

The May Firm will also communicate to insurance companies for our clients. Insurance companies frequently attempt to take advantage of victims. A common ploy of insurance companies is to push victims of catastrophic injuries into accepting an early settlement offer. Though it may sound nice on the surface, early settlement offers often cut victims short of the full compensation they deserve. The May Firm is dedicated to fighting for full compensation for our clients. We will never push a client to accept a quick settlement or a settlement short of what the client deserves.

It is important to act promptly for catastrophic injury claims. The state of California places a statute of limitations on catastrophic injury claims. The statute of limitations is a strict frame of time during which a claim can be filed for a victim to obtain compensation for the damages he or she sustained. After the statute of limitations expires, a victim is forever barred from obtaining compensation.


The May Firm is dedicated to fight for our clients. Our clients are the foundation of our firm, and we are dedicated to every case. We work aggressively for the rights of our clients because we believe that no victim deserves to bear the burden of damages committed against him or her.

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The May Firm also understands the repercussions that catastrophic injuries can have on a victim and the victim’s family. Damages such as medical costs, loss of wages, permanent disability, pain and suffering, and other losses. We will take all matters into consideration when handling your case.

With the help of the best California catastrophic injury lawyers, victims can rest assured knowing they have a team prepared to fight for their legal rights. Do not wait to get the help you deserve. The May Firm works at no out-of-pocket cost to our clients. If we take a case, we take it on with the confidence that it will be won, because we know what it takes come out victorious. Contact 1-800-MAY-FIRM now, to schedule your free consultation. Let our family, help your family!