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The Top 5 Things You Must
If You’re Thinking of
Handling Your Own Case

Every day, we hear from prospective clients deciding whether they want to hire a lawyer, and thinking about representing themselves instead. They think this is a good idea, because if they win, they won’t have to pay any of their reward to the lawyer. 

After the catastrophe of your accident, this is hands-down the most catastrophic decision you could make in your case.

You’re far less likely to
win without a lawyer.

The key to winning is making the other side back down. If they see you handling your case on your own, they’ll never back down because they know they have you outgunned. You’re going to battle with a pistol against an army of tanks. You need to make the opposing side know you mean business—and the only way to do that is with a law firm that means business, like we do.

If you represent yourself, you’ll likely make all kinds of unforced errors. Insurance adjusters literally go to seminars to learn how to get you to say things to them that go against your case and can be used against you in court.

If you even manage to win
without a lawyer, you’ll
win less.

Would you rather have ⅔ of a huge pie? Or 100% of a tiny pie? Trying to win your case on your own is the classic example of “penny wise and pound foolish.” You might think you’re saving costs on lawyers fees, but really what you’re doing is powerfully shrinking the amount you’re likely to win, just to “save costs.”

We’ve been doing this day in and day out for X years of combined experience. We know the ins and outs of how to maximize your case reward. Let us handle it, and you’ll likely pocket far more than you would have on your own, with less effort.

Trying to win without a
lawyer is one of the biggest
headaches you’ll ever face.

Winning a personal injury case on your own is like taking on a full-time job. Worse, it’s a full time job you have no idea how to do. You’re dealing with constant letters, calls, and other details that you have no idea how to handle properly. Every move you make could be a rookie mistake that blows your case out of the water. And you’re navigating all this right at a time when what you really need and want to do is rest, recover, and spend time with your family. Let us handle the stress, so you don’t have to. We work HARD to make this EASY for you.

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Crucial moments
The First Few Weeks After Your Accident Are
the Most Important in Your Whole Case

If your accident only happened a few weeks ago or less, this is the most critical time to get the May Firm on your team.

Now is the time when you can still gather solid evidence. Witnesses’ memories are still fresh, and there may still be physical evidence around, which won’t be there for long.

In the weeks after your injury, the last thing you want to be doing is running around, gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. You probably wouldn’t even know what to look for or ask.

When you hire the May Firm, you get trained lawyers and investigators working on your behalf, doing all this all-important legwork for you, and gathering the evidence you need for a solid case. While the evidence is still fresh.

Another crucial issue that arises in the first few weeks is the record of medical care you’ve received. Sometimes, it’s difficult to get a doctor to see you right away. Believe it or not, many doctors don’t want to take accident cases, because they’re afraid they’ll be called as witnesses.

This means you may have to wait months to see the right specialist. Not only does this delay your healing—but it also gives the opposing side an opening to argue that you must not have been that badly injured, because you didn’t seek medical care right away!

With the May Firm on your side, you’ll get the care you need immediately

When you hire the May Firm, we’ll make sure you get all the medical care you need now. We’ll reach out to our deep network of doctors, who are willing to see you right away. They’ll even waive their fee until you win a settlement—that’s how certain they are of our ability to win for you.

With the May Firm on your side, you’ll get the care you need immediately, and you’ll also establish a paper trail showing that you needed and received that care right away. This cuts off the insurance companies’ ability to argue that your case wasn’t that serious.

The May Firm was able make a stressful time so much easier. They took care of everything quickly and efficiently. The entire staff was very professional but also friendly and supportive. I would recommend the May Firm to anyone that is looking for a excellent personal injury lawyer.
Auto Accident
These are shark-infested waters you’re navigating, with lots of sharks out to get you.

Lastly, your May Firm lawyers will guide you in exactly what you need to say and not say to all the doctors and insurance company representatives that will be hiring you. You may not realize it, but what you say or don’t say to others could massively harm your case.

While you always need to speak truthfully, unfortunately, the opposing side has sneaky ways to get you to say inaccurate things that can and will be taken out of context and used against you later in the case.

For example, if you talk to the opposing insurance company, they may ask you, “So you’re feeling pretty good?” You think this is just pleasant small talk by someone who is happy that you’re feeling better. You answer, “Yes,” and to you, that means, you’re not dead or disfigured by the accident, and you’re finally able to walk again without excruciating pain, so you’re feeling “pretty good.”

Little do you know, you’ve just been caught in a trap. They literally attend seminars just to ask you trick questions like this. The reason they asked you that is not to make pleasant small talk, or because they care how you’re feeling. It’s because, months or years later in court, they’re going to tell a jury that you said you were “feeling pretty good,” and use that to portray you as not having been injured at all—even though you did suffer significant injuries.

These are shark-infested waters you’re navigating, with lots of sharks out to get you. You need the May Firm to guide you through these waters safely, so you can get to shore and live the life you want to live again—restored, healthy, happy, and with the justice and healing you want and need.