Victim was daughter of Bangladeshi captain

According to a recent report from The Daily Star, the victim who was tragically killed due to a plane accident was identified as Sayra Nur Lamisa, 20, the daughter of Captain Zakir Hosen of Bangladesh Biman.

As previously reported in a recent news post, authorities recovered the body from the crash site on Monday in a country area north of Ramona.

Two survivors, a twenty-eight-year-old and a twenty-five-year-old man survived the crash.  They were treated at Palomar Hospital with minor injuries, reported NBC 7.

Per the article, authorities stated that there was a witness who saw the plane go down.  The witness then called 911 immediately.  A search and rescue team was dispatched although it took about an hour to even find the wreckage from the aviation accident.

Officials said that the plane was affiliated with the American Aviation Academy, a flight school based in El Cajon.  It is speculated that the plane went down during flight training.

Further information will be released at a later time once the investigation has concluded.

We the staff of the May Firm implore the NTSB and the investigation authorities to conduct a thorough analysis of the crash.  Our hearts go out to the families of all those involved, and we pray for a steady recovery for the injured, as well as peace and comfort during such a difficult time.

In California, there may be recourse provided for families of those who have passed away due to the negligence of others or in a disaster of an accident such as this.  A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil lawsuit which can be brought to court by the survivors of the deceased victim, although these claims must be filed within a two-year-period.

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