Two Victims Injured in Three-Car Collision on Indiana Street near Putnam Avenue in Porterville

Two Victims Injured in Three-Car Collision on Indiana Street near Putnam Avenue in Porterville

ON March 04, 2018

Man suspected of DUI causes three-vehicle car accident

According to a local news article from the Fresno Bee, Ray Baldwin, 28, was arrested Saturday morning after causing a three-vehicle car accident that injured himself as well as two others at the intersection of Indiana Street and Putnam Avenue before fleeing the scene of the collision.

Police said the car accident occurred at around 10:48 a.m. when Ray Baldwin, 28, drove north on Indiana Street and ran a red light.  Allegedly, the man was driving under the influence when he struck a vehicle on Putnam Avenue, causing a collision that then involved a third vehicle that was stopped on Indiana Street for a red light.

Additionally, Baldwin continued to drive, reported the article.  He struck a fence with his significantly damaged vehicle before stopping, officials said.  Authorities arrested Baldwin “without incident” after he displayed symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

There was no word from officials on the current condition of the victims in the accident, however the investigation is ongoing and further details will be reported as they are determined by police officers.

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