Train Accident with SUV Causes Major Injuries to Pedestrian in Del Mar near 15th Street

Train Accident with SUV Causes Major Injuries to Pedestrian in Del Mar near 15th Street

ON February 17, 2017

Pedestrian sustains major injuries after a collision between train and SUV

According to an article from CBS 8, there was an accident on Saturday, February 4th, 2017 between a train and an SUV at the train crossing that resulted in serious injuries to a victim that happened to be nearby.

As stated in the article, a southbound Coaster commuter train headed towards an area where 15th Street crosses the train tracks. Simultaneously, a woman traveling in an SUV with a passenger made her way to the train crossing.  As she attempted to make a U-Turn at the train crossing near Coast Boulevard, the crossing arm came down, signaling a stop.

Per the article, she tried to turn around and her SUV was clipped by the train causing an accident that hit a pedestrian, trapping the victim under the SUV.

Emergency personnel arrived at the scene shortly after and extricated the victim.  The pedestrian suffered major injuries and was transported to local hospital Scripps La Jolla for a medical evaluation and treatment of her injuries, sources said. Currently, the victim’s identity has been withheld.

All train service was halted as San Diego County sheriff’s deputies conducted an investigation into the collision.

Reportedly, there were two witnesses that saw the collision occur.  A Farsi translator was requested to respond to the scene, although it was not clear who the translator was for. Currently, the investigation is underway. It is far too often that an innocent bystander is injured at the hands of a negligent driver.  In traffic accident cases such as these, it is best to speak with a personal injury attorney to determine what your options are.

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