Traffic Accident Left at Least One Person Injured on Highway 110 Near 7th Street in Los Angeles

Traffic Accident Left at Least One Person Injured on Highway 110 Near 7th Street in Los Angeles

ON February 26, 2018

Car crash left at least one person injured on the Harbor Freeway near 7th St in Los Angeles

As reported in a California Highway Patrol report, on Friday, February 16th 2018, at 11:04 p.m. a traffic accident on the 110 Freeway near 7th Street in the city of Los Angeles left at least one person injured.

Moreover, when authorities arrived on scene one party was outside of their vehicle, according to CHP.  As a result of the accident one of the vehicles ended up facing the wrong way on the 110 Highway, as cited by officials.

Additionally, authorities report a black Jeep and a white KIA sedan as the vehicles involved in the collision.  Furthermore, at least one person was transported to a local hospital to treat injuries sustained by the accident, however authorities do not have any word on the condition of the injured victim.

This crash is currently undergoing review by authorities to determine the exact cause and liable party of the collision, and further details will be available at a later time once officials have ended their investigation.

Here at the May Firm acknowledge the dangers of driving recklessly, and driving recklessly in a highway can led to a accident that may result in serious injuries or even death.  We at the May Firm wish the injured victim a fast and full recovery.

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