Three People Injured in Head-On Car Accident on State Route 78 in Ocotillo Wells

Three People Injured in Head-On Car Accident on State Route 78 in Ocotillo Wells

ON March 03, 2017

Traffic accident on State Route 78 and Borrego Springs Road causes several injuries

According to a recent article from KUSI News, there was an accident that occurred on the State Route 78, just east of Borrego Springs Road at about 8:00 a.m. Thursday morning, causing several injuries.

According to the report, the incident occurred in the morning just east of Borrego Springs Road on Highway 78.  Per the article, there was a head-on collision at the intersection.

Furthermore, the report states that the incident caused two people involved in the accident to sustain serious injuries.  California Highway Patrol responded to the accident as well as medical transport helicopters, which flew the victims to nearby medical facilities, said officials.

In the aftermath of the wreckage, the highway lanes were blocked and traffic slowed down as they passed along the roadside.  Road crews cleared the debris before traffic resumed after.

It was not mentioned in the report how the crash occurred or who was at fault.

This crash remains under investigation while authorities work to determine who was at fault.  News updates will be made as they are determined in the conclusion of the investigation.

Parties injured are strongly advised to go to a nearby medical center following a traffic collision if one denies emergency assistance.  It can sometimes take several days after the initial collision for pain to set in and so it is recommended to get checked out.  All injured drivers and passengers are subject to a claim against the negligent motorist responsible.

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