Three Injured in Fiery Plane Crash Near I-405 Freeway in Santa Ana

Three Injured in Fiery Plane Crash Near I-405 Freeway in Santa Ana

ON June 30, 2017

Plane crashes on freeway near John Wayne Airport

According to a recent press release, there was a small plane crash on the Interstate 405 freeway just short of the runway at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, CA on Friday.

The crash occurred at approximately 9:30 a.m., reported Orange County Fire Captain Larry Kurtz, according to KABC.

Per the news, the pilot had called mayday to the tower just 11 seconds after takeoff at John Wayne Airport.  The pilot was allegedly circling back to re-land the plane, although he failed to make it back to the runway.

The twin-engine Cessna 310 crashed on the busy Interstate 405 freeway in the Santa Ana/Costa Mesa area, reported the article.  As a result, three people were injured.

As mentioned in the article, two were taken from the plane by paramedics and airlifted to a hospital nearby, whereas the third person injured was the driver of a car that was clipped by the plane in the crash landing.  He suffered minor injuries, reported the article.

Authorities responded and closed down the freeway in both directions and wreckage will reportedly stay where it is until an investigation into the airplane crash is concluded.  The FAA and the Transportation Safety Board are currently both involved in the investigation, said KTLA.

Additionally, the article mentions that a Santa Ana company called Twin Props is the current registered owner of the plane.

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