Si Si Han, 46, Killed after Driver Crashes Rented Box Truck into Bay Bridge Tollbooth in Oakland

Si Si Han, 46, Killed after Driver Crashes Rented Box Truck into Bay Bridge Tollbooth in Oakland

ON December 11, 2017

Daniel Berk arrested on suspicion of driving under influence and vehicular manslaughter after crashing box truck through tollbooth

According to a recent article from the SFGate, Si Si Han, 46, died after being struck by a rented box truck that rammed into the Bay Bridge tollbooth where the victim was working in Oakland.

As mentioned in the news, Si Si Han was a 46-year-old tollbooth attendant who died after Berk and his passenger rammed through the north side plaza tollbooth on the Bay Bridge with a rented box truck at about 5:11 a.m after crashing through five cars.

As a result, the victim Si Si Han was killed, and Berk as well as his passenger were thrown out of their vehicle as the truck split apart.

Authorities did not indicate whether Berk was suspected of using alcohol or drugs in the incident, but they did release that Berk was a stage tech engineer, and that the truck was rented from Monarch Truck Center in San Jose.

Additionally, Hans was noted to be a Caltrans toll taker for a decade before the incident occurred.

Currently, the traffic collision is being investigated by the authorities, and further information will be relayed at a later time.

From the office of The May Firm, we offer our deepest condolences to the victim in the incident.  We will keep the friends and family members affected by this loss in our thoughts and prayers.

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