Semi Truck Crashes into Fullerton Apartment Buildings on Imperial Highway Causing Major Injuries

Semi Truck Crashes into Fullerton Apartment Buildings on Imperial Highway Causing Major Injuries

ON June 01, 2017

Semi-truck crashes into North Hills apartment complex, at least 3 injured

According to a recent press release from the Orange County Register, there was a major 18-wheeler accident that occurred on Sunday, April 30, at the North Hills Apartment Complex in the 600 block of Imperial Highway, causing at least three to be injured.

Per the news article, the Volvo tractor-trailer crashed into the apartment buildings shortly after 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Fullerton Fire Department stated that the 44-year-old driver and his 42-year-old female passenger, were both transported to UCI Medical Center with severe injuries.

A resident of the apartment complex was also identified as a victim in the incident.  Identified as 40-year-old Estrada, the woman said that she received minor injuries from the drywall falling on her, as stated in the article.  She was treated by paramedics on site.  Another 40-year-old man was stated to have also suffered minor injuries inside the damaged building, said Fullerton Police.

Reportedly, the truck driver was found lying on the ground outside the cab after the crash.  Officials say he had fainted before a bystander checked his pulse.

According to the early investigation, the semi truck was headed eastbound on Imperial Highway when it suddenly veered into the No. 3 lane where it struck a curb and hit the apartment building, causing “major structural damage.”

Currently, the investigation is ongoing as authorities work to determine the cause of the accident and who is liable for the damages.  Further details will be reported at a later time once the investigation is complete.

The most common cause of commercial trucking accidents are driver error. These errors can be caused by several different factors. The main ones are exhaustion, alcohol abuse, and abuse of drugs both over the counter and illegal. As per Federal Motor carrier Safety Administration reports truck driver error is the leading cause of accidents by a factor of ten times over other causes such as weather.

If you ever find yourself involved in a trucking accident, you definitely have to report the accident. First contact the local police or the California Highway Patrol. Next, contact your insurance agent or company. Ask for their help in filling out forms and reports of the accident. After that, report to the the incident California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Of course, call a truck accident lawyer at The May Firm at 1-844-MAYFIRM for any legal questions you may have.