More than 2 dozen injured and one victim killed after A&F tour bus crashes en route to Las Vegas

According to a recent article from KTLA, there was a fatal collision that took place on State Route 58 on Monday, injuring at least two dozen people and killing one.

Stated in the article, A&F Tours in Arcadia sent a tour charter bus full of passengers from Fresno to Las Vegas was traveling east on State Route 58 on Monday just after 12:00 p.m.

The charter bus was carrying 26 people, the article stated.  For reasons unknown, the vehicle veered into the opposite lanes and collided head-on with a Subaru Outback as well as a Chevy Spark, CHP officials reported.

The vehicle overturned and landed upright two miles east of Highway 395 near Kramer Junction, an unincorporated community.

As a result, the driver of the white Subaru sustained critical injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene when California Highway Patrol officials arrived.  The victim’s name was not immediately released, officials said.

In addition, the other two people in the white Chevrolet were hospitalized in critical condition, officials said.

Authorities determined that twenty-six people were injured in the tour bus collision, nine of which sustained critical injuries.  More than a dozen ambulances had to respond to transport patients and victims to four different hospitals.

The A&F Tours bus, as a result, was badly damaged, the report said.  LA Times reported that the bus tore most of the front end away, shattering many of the windows.  As a result, State Route 58 was closed down and traffic backed up for miles in both directions while emergency crews cleared the roadway and accident site.

The authorities have yet to determine why the driver of the A&F Tours bus veered into incoming traffic, and are working in an investigation with the MAIT (Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team) to discover the cause.

A&F Tours has not responded to the incident yet, the report said.

The crash occurred between Barstow and Mojave.

This crash remains under investigation and a more detailed report will be updated as it is concluded with investigative authorities.

There are no words that could describe the traumatic experience these victims experienced unexpectedly.  We implore the authorities to thoroughly look at the evidence to determine what the cause of the accident was and why the driver negligently veered into the opposite lanes.

More often than not, motorists will feel as if they are okay and injury free.  It may take several days for pain symptoms to show signs, due to the adrenaline build up.

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