One Passenger Killed After Multiple Vehicle Traffic Accident on Interstate 15 Near Mira Mesa Boulevard

One Passenger Killed After Multiple Vehicle Traffic Accident on Interstate 15 Near Mira Mesa Boulevard

ON February 18, 2017

Passenger Killed After 4-Vehicle Car Accident on Interstate 15 Near Mira Mesa Boulevard

According to an article from NBC San Diego, there was a major four-vehicle car accident that took the life of a victim on the southbound Interstate 15 on Friday.

As stated in the article, a collision occurred on the southbound I-15 freeway near Mira Mesa after heavy rainfall on Friday. California Highway Patrol officers responded to the site of the traffic accident, along with emergency personnel.

At around 5:15 p.m., the crash occurred. The vehicles involved, officials say, were a Geo Prism, a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, a van, and another unidentified vehicle.

Officials reported that the accident was caused by a negligent driver who was most likely driving too fast for the conditions beset by the heavy rainfall. As a result, one of the vehicles involved hydroplaned, causing the initial collision that caused four vehicles to collide.

As a result, the passenger riding in the Geo Prism died as a result at the scene of the car accident.

No other information was immediately available.

The investigation remains underway and authorities will release more information regarding the accident at a later time.

Unfortunately, car accidents occur more frequently and are more severe whenever there is heavy rainfall or other unsafe driving conditions. From The May Firm, we extend our condolences to everyone affected by this incident.

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