Motorcycle Collision On State Route 87 South in San Jose

Motorcycle Collision On State Route 87 South in San Jose

ON February 26, 2018

Ambulance requested after reckless cyclist is sideswiped on SR-87 South

On February 1st, 2018, the San Jose Fire Department responded to a motorcycle collision accident on State Route 87 South at 2:38PM. The police report states, the cyclist was downed in the middle lane just north of Curtner going southbound on the 87 by a White Volkswagon Jetta causing a major traffic hazard for oncoming traffic. According to sources, the cyclist drove recklessly into the Jetta’s blind spot as the driver attempted to manuever into the next lane.

Furthermore, San Jose Fire Department called for the ambulance to come soon after they were notified. The California Highway Patrol report confirms the driver’s allegations of the cyclist riding recklessly into her blind spot.

The investigation is still on-going, as California Highway Patrol will release more details to the public when it becomes available.

We at the May Firm that accidents can happen at any time and can happen very unexpectedly. We wish for the best for both parties involved in this unfortunate accident.

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