Multiple crashes on SR-88 by Kirkwood Inn

Four separate car crashes sent 8 people to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon, reported KTVN-TV.

According to the news source, the crash occurred on State Route 88, also known as Carson Pass Highway, east of the Kirkwood Inn.  Police stated that driver Maria Gonzalez traveled westbound with five passengers before she struck a dirt embankment.  Second driver Karen Carver, along with a passenger, was heading west before she struck Gonzalez’s vehicle.

A third driver, identified as Christian Nelson, headed towards the site of the car accidents shortly after.  Driving a Chevrolet vehicle, Nelson veered off the road and crashed into the snow.

Following this, a fourth driver, identified as Steffens Jr. also steered clear of the crash and colliding into the third car driven by Nelson, according to the article.

The California Highway Patrol concluded that a total of eight people were injured, requiring emergency medical attention at a local hospital.  And per the article, the initial driver, Gonzalez had her four-year-old child in the accident and consequently, the four-year-old was transported to the emergency center by a Care Flight helicopter.

It was not reported whether alcohol or drugs played a part in the accident. Currently, the California Highway Patrol is investigating the four traffic collisions in the South Lake Tahoe area, and further details will be specified at a later time.

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Maria gonzalez, Karen carver, Christian Nelson, Steffens Jr, among 4 others injured in major car crash on Carson Pass Highway by Kirkwood Inn in South Lake Tahoe.