At Least One Person Injured in Vehicle-vs-Tree Collisions on East Fourth Street in Ontario

At Least One Person Injured in Vehicle-vs-Tree Collisions on East Fourth Street in Ontario

ON August 14, 2017

Fire crews located two vehicles crashed into separate trees, with at least one person injured

According to a report from Onscene.TV, there was a traffic collision that involved two vehicles and two separate trees in the 2000 block of East Fourth Street in Ontario, leaving at least one person injured as a result.

As mentioned in the report, the accident occurred at about 4:30 a.m. on Wewdnesday morning when San Bernardino County Fire responded to the accident.

They found two cars crashed into two separate trees at the intersection, both having major damage, sources said.

Additionally, the vehicles were identified as a black pickup truck and a black hatchback.  The article stated that the driver of the black pickup truck was transported to a local hospital via ambulance, although it was not made clear how severe the injuries were.

Meanwhile the occupants inside the black hatchback did not appear to have suffered any injuries in the crash, the article reported.

Currently, Ontario Police is handling the investigation and further information will be reported after the investigation has concluded.  Alcohol and/or drugs have not been ruled out as a possible contributing factor.  It was also mentioned that one person was taken into custody.

For the sake of the injured party in this double-vehicle accident, we implore that the authorities work to collect all relevant evidence to determine the exact cause of the major accidents.

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