At Least 2 Injured in 2-Vehicle Collision on Highway 101 near Eureka

At Least 2 Injured in 2-Vehicle Collision on Highway 101 near Eureka

ON August 21, 2017

Honda Civic rolls over after being hit by SUV on highway near Mid-City Motor World

According to a recent press release from the California Highway Patrol, there was a car accident that took place on Highway 101 near Eureka that left at least two people injured.

The accident took place at approximately 3:00 p.m. on Monday afternoon near the northbound entrance to Harper Ford and Mid-City Motor World, on the SR-101.

The article stated that emergency crews arrived at the scene after a Honda Civic was struck on the highway by a SUV as the Civic was pulling out onto the highway.

The sedan rolled over, although the article mentions that the driver and passenger in the Honda were uninjured.

Additionally, both the driver and the passenger in the SUV suffered major injuries, and were transported subsequently to St. Joseph Hospital with moderate injuries.

As a result of the accident, roadway crews shut down Highway 101 in the northbound lanes for over an hour as authorities worked to collect evidence and clear the debris from the roadway.

In a situation where one is injured as a result of a traffic accident on the highway, there is generally a reckless driver at fault.  We hope that the police conduct a thorough investigation to determine the liable party.  Our deepest condolences go out to the victims as they recover through this injury-ridden crash.

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