Lawndale Woman Killed in Traffic Accident on Interstate 80 in West Sacramento Near Reed Avenue

Lawndale Woman Killed in Traffic Accident on Interstate 80 in West Sacramento Near Reed Avenue

ON June 05, 2017

Woman is killed after fatal crash, two others survive

According to a recent press release from Fox40, a resident of Lawndale was killed after being involved in a deadly collision between three vehicles on Interstate 80 near Reed Avenue in West Sacramento on Friday.

Per the article, the 24-year-old was traveling in a Toyota Camry eastbound on Interstate 80 before the vehicle overturned near Reed Avenue.

As mentioned in the news, the unidentified victim tried to go around two other drivers, eighteen-year-old Joscelyne Jauregui in a Nissan Altima, as well as Jose Ramirez, who was hauling a small utility trailer with his Dodge Dakota.

The news article cites that Ramirez’s pickup truck’s front tire began to deflate and the vehicle lost control.  The truck hit the 24-year-old’s Camry, forcing it to crash into the guardrail.  As a result, the woman died from her severe injuries.

Jauregui and Ramirez were mentioned to be unharmed in the incident, although Jauregui’s vehicle also crashed into the guardrail, the report said.

Woodland California Highway Patrol responded to the accident, and is currently still investigating the collision.  Reportedly, neither drugs nor alcohol appear to have been factors in the crash, said authorities.

Further information will be released at a later time once more details have been accumulated and assessed.

From the May Firm, we sincerely extend our condolences to the families affected by the fatal car accident.

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