Hit-and-Run on Freeway 101 Near Herrick Ave Off-Ramp in Eureka

Hit-and-Run on Freeway 101 Near Herrick Ave Off-Ramp in Eureka

ON January 30, 2018

Hit-and-run on the 101 Freeway near the  Herrick Ave off-ramp in Eureka

According to a California Highway Patrol police report, on January 29 a grey GMC Yukon continued driving after crashing through a traffic sign on the US-101 Highway before crashing into another vehicle in the city of Eureka.

As cited in the report, at about 9:58 a.m. the driver of a grey GMC Yuko was reported to authorities after being seen parked in a near by parking lot after fleeing a crash on the 101 Redwood Highway.

CHP said both vehicles did require towing, and although no injuries were reported the hit-and-run incident is still under investigation.  Further information will be released at a later time once the investigation has come to an end.

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