Four Teens and Police Officer Injured in Drunk Driving Car Accident on E. Avenue and Third Street in Coronado

Four Teens and Police Officer Injured in Drunk Driving Car Accident on E. Avenue and Third Street in Coronado

ON March 04, 2018

Officer injured while responding to 911 call

Four teenagers and a Coronado Police officer sustained major injuries after a suspected drunk driver crashed into a parked vehicle on Third Street at E. Avenue in Coronado, CA. on Friday night, according to a local news article from 10 News.

Reports indicate the accident occurred at about 9:30 p.m. when Coronado Police responded to the incident.  Authorities said an officer in the area found a suspected drunk driver’s vehicle on Third Street and tried to stop the car.  The driver made an abrupt turn onto E. Avenue and subsequently crashed into a parked vehicle, said police.

After the initial crash, several juveniles fled from the car wreck, and the responding officer in turn chased after the teenagers and found two of them nearby, officials said.

Additionally, two more passengers were found shortly after near 4th Street and Alameda Boulevard, according to the report.  The juveniles found by authorities were then transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of their injuries.  Furthermore, it was reported that an officer also suffered injuries while responding to the accident.

Authorities said several containers of beer, hard alcohol, and spray paint were found inside the vehicle.  Currently, this crash remains under investigation and further details will be reported as they are known.

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