Four People Killed in Car Crash at Rosedale Highway and Nord Road in Bakersfield

Four People Killed in Car Crash at Rosedale Highway and Nord Road in Bakersfield

ON August 30, 2017

Driver Mark Wayne Hoyt found responsible for fatal car crash

According to, there was a fatal car crash in which four people were killed when they crashed into a semi-truck at Rosedale Highway and Nord Road in Bakersfield.

As mentioned in the article, the accident occurred when Hoyt was traveling in a white Toyota Avalon north on Nord, approaching Rosedale, according to a coroner’s office release.

Per the authorities’ statement, the driver attempted to perform a “hard brake maneuver,” but lost control of the vehicle, veering into the intersection and into the path of a tractor-trailer heading east.

As a result, the two vehicles collided, and the vehicle became wedged under the semi-truck and was crushed under the rear two axles.  It was unclear, according to authorities, how fast the Avalon was going before the collision.

Hoyt, as well as his passengers, Lacey McQuilliams, 24, Stephen Walker, 26, and Deziaray Zepeda, 23, all died at the scene.

California Highway Patrol has issued a statement declaring Hoyt at fault for the car accident, although the authorities are still awaiting Hoyt’s toxicology results.

Currently, this crash remains under investigation as authorities work to determine the exact cause of the crash.

Further details will be reported at a later time once the investigation has concluded.

Our May Firm staff is deeply saddened upon hearing news of this accident, and will keep the victims as well as their family and loved ones in our thoughts and prayers during this tremendously difficult time.

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