Bruce Ball, 67, Dead in a Car Crash on Westbound Highway 62 Near Barberry Avenue In Yucca Valley

Bruce Ball, 67, Dead in a Car Crash on Westbound Highway 62 Near Barberry Avenue In Yucca Valley

ON August 11, 2017

Man walking on Highway 62 killed after car crash in Yucca Valley

According to, a man was killed on Tuesday morning on westbound 62 near Barberry Avenue when a car hit a man walking on the highway.

The Sheriff’s news state, a man, identified as Bruce Ball, 67, was walking on the Highway 62 around 5:20 a.m. when a car going westbound on the Highway 62 struck him.

As mentioned in the article, after being struck by the car at approximately 45 mph near Barberry Avenue, Bruce was tossed 60 feet across the roadway.

The Sheriff’s Morongo Station investigators stated that Bruce was not using the cross walk when he was hit by the car.

The 48-year-old driver remained with Bruce until help arrived. Bruce Ball was pronounced dead at the scene.

Additionally, authorities report that the driver was uninjured in the crash.

Investigators do not suspect alcohol or drugs to be a factor in the collision.

This collision remains under investigation and further details will be updated as they are available.

From the May Firm, we extend our deepest condolences to the families affected by this tragic incident.  We pray that they may find peace during this time.

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