Tanker Trailer Carrying Dairy Product Overturns on Redwood Highway

A recent press release from the California Highway Patrol indicates that on Saturday early morning, a big rig truck accident occurred on the US Highway 101 just north of the entrance to Richardson Grove State Park.

According to another source on the train crash, the Times Standard, the California Highway Patrol assessed the truck to be a 2012 Peterbilt tractor towing a tanker trailer that was transporting heavy cream. The driver of the truck was identified as Delbert Moore.

Moore reportedly “allowed” the semi truck and trailer to veer off the road and crash into several redwood trees. Because he was stuck inside the vehicle after the incident, rescue crews had to extricate the injured driver from the vehicle, stated the article.

Caltrans, Humboldt County Environmental Health, State Parks, as well as CHP responded to the incident. Officials say that the fuel tanks and 50 gallons of diesel were compromised and leaked into the dirt embankment under the truck. As a result, Highway 101 was limited to one-way controlled traffic at times to facilitate the clean up.

Currently, the collision remains under investigation by the California Highway Patrol Garberville Office. Unfortunately, as the trucking industry continues to grow in California regions, truck accidents will continue to happen.

When a truck accident occurs, victims who are lucky enough to survive often suffer from serious, debilitating injuries that require long-term medical care. Then they must scramble to recall their traumatic memory or gather the evidence before it is lost and destroyed after the train accident.

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