Ayres Buffin Killed in Hit-and-Run Car Accident on Vervais Avenue near Fleming Avenue East in Vallejo

Ayres Buffin Killed in Hit-and-Run Car Accident on Vervais Avenue near Fleming Avenue East in Vallejo

ON March 13, 2018

Authorities looking for hit-and-run collision suspect Vincent Fitzer following fatal accident

According to a recent article from ABC 7 News, there was a recent auto accident last Wednesday afternoon, March 7th, where an 18-year-old pedestrian named Ayres Buffin was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver at the intersection of Vervais Avenue near Fleming Avenue East in Vallejo.  

Police said that they have named the person of interest as Vincent Fitzer, someone they believe to be a 29-year-old Vallejo transient.  Authorities said that Buffin had been walking on a sidewalk when she was struck by Fitzer, who was driving a 1994 GMC Suburban around 3:40 p.m. that day.  FItzer’s vehicle had been traveling north on Vervais Avenue when it stopped suddenly nearby Elna Drive, said authorities.

The vehicle began rolling backwards down Vervais Avenue for unknown reasons and the Suburban then struck the victim, before it continued rolling down south where it eventually overturned and came to rest on the east sidewalk.  After the collision, the driver fled on foot, said authorities.

Emergency respondents arrived and assisted the victim before transporting her to a local hospital, where she shortly died of her injuries thereafter.

Additionally, police have released a photograph of Fitzer, and have stated that Fitzer has a long criminal history, including violent crime.  Fitzer was described as a transient with no home base.  Currently, police are asking the suspect to come to the Vallejo Police Department to speak to an officer regarding the accident.

Currently, this incident is undergoing review by authorities as they work to determine the exact cause and liable party of the collision.  Further details will be available at a later time once officials conclude their investigation.

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