At Least One Victim Injured in Hit-and-Run Car Accident on Interstate 710 Near State Route 91 in Long Beach

At Least One Victim Injured in Hit-and-Run Car Accident on Interstate 710 Near State Route 91 in Long Beach

ON March 02, 2018


According to an incident log from the California Highway Patrol, at least one victim suffered injuries following a hit-and-run car accident that took place on the Interstate 710 Freeway near the 91 Connector in Long Beach on Tuesday morning, February 27th, 2018.

As mentioned in the report, the accident occurred at approximately 12:02 p.m. when authorities responded to reports of a black Jeep Cherokee in the center divider partially blocking the fast lane.

Officials report that the reporting party inside the Jeep Cherokee swerved and hit the center divider after a white Toyota Camry was driving carelessly and recklessly.  The driver inside the white Toyota Camry did not remain at the scene after the accident, reported the news.

Moreover, after authorities helped the vehicle move to the right shoulder of the freeway, Long Beach Fire Department responded to the incident and paramedics were required to treat the injuries of the victim inside the Toyota Camry.  It was not clear from the report how much damage the Camry sustained.  Additionally, according to the source, the identity of the drivers involved were not immediately revealed.

Currently, this incident is under review in an ongoing investigation by the authorities, and further details will be reviewed and released to the public as it is determined.  

A very thorough site inspection is critical, and should be done immediately. Our attorneys and investigators will personally examine the site. Looking for evidence, debris, tire marks, taking measurements. We will generally employ an accident reconstruction expert and/or a roadway design expert when investigating the cause of hit-and-run accidents.

We of the May Firm extend our deepest condolences to the victims affected by this unfortunate traffic accident.  

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