At Least One Person Injured in Car Accident on Interstate 5 near the 605 Freeway in Downey

At Least One Person Injured in Car Accident on Interstate 5 near the 605 Freeway in Downey

ON February 26, 2018

At least one person was injured after a traffic accident on the 5 Freeway south of the I-605 in Downey

According to a police report by CHP, on February 6th 2018, at 8:44 a.m. at least one person was hurt and sent to a near by hospital as a result of a car collision on Interstate 5 just south of the 605 Freeway in Downey.

Furthermore, a Lexus CT 200 and a white Infinity Q50 were the vehicles involved in a traffic accident on the Santa Ana Freeway near the San Gabriel River Freeway in the city of Downey, as stated by CHP.  Both vehicles were traveling southbound on Interstate 5 before the accident occurred, as cited in the report.

Additionally, an ambulance transported at least one victim of the traffic accident to a near by hospital.  The condition of the injured victim is unknown at this time, but further information will be released once the investigation has concluded.

Here at the May Firm we acknowledge the dangers of reckless driving, and driving recklessly in highways can cause an accident that may result in a serious injury or even death.  We at the May Firm are hoping for a quick and full recovery for the injured party.

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