At Least One Person Injured in a Five Car Collision on the 134 Freeway Close to I-5 in Glendora

At Least One Person Injured in a Five Car Collision on the 134 Freeway Close to I-5 in Glendora

ON January 31, 2018

At least one person was injured in a traffic collision on the Ventura Freeway near the 5 Freeway in Glendora

According to a California Highway Patrol police report, on January 29 at 11:24 a.m. a two vehicle collision with a silver Honda Accord and a Black Chevy Camaro turned into a five vehicle collision on SR-134 near Interstate 5 in the city of Glendora.

Moreover, one vehicle was reported to be blocking the center divider, two vehicles were on the right shoulder, and two other vehicles were left blocking the number 1 lane of the Ventura Freeway New.  The report also mentioned that an ambulance was called after a victim was seen non-responsive in their vehicle.

The severity of the injury and how many were injured in the car accident is still unknown. SR-134 remains closed while authorities investigate the traffic accident, as cited in the report.  Paramedics transported the injured parties to a local hospital, where they later received treatment of their injuries.

Further details we be released at a later time once the investigation has concluded.

Here at the May Firm we acknowledge the dangers in reckless driving, and driving recklessly in highways can cause an accident that can result in great bodily harm or even death. We are hoping for a swift and full recovery for the injured party.

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