At Least One Injured after Car Collision near EB SR-4 off-ramp near Solano Way in Concord

At Least One Injured after Car Collision near EB SR-4 off-ramp near Solano Way in Concord

ON April 30, 2018

Car crash near eastbound State Route 4 off-ramp just west of Solano Way in Concord injures at least one person

According to California Highway Patrol police report, on Friday evening, April 20th, 2018, at least one person was injured after an accident happened when a pickup truck came into contact with the center divider near the eastbound State Route 4 Freeway off-ramp in the city of Concord.

Moreover, police report stated that the pickup truck was driving recklessly prior to the traffic collision and was tailgating the witness. The witness advised that the truck almost caused a collision with his vehicle before crashing itself into the center divider and ending up on the right side of the road, as stated by authorities.

The police report did not specify if any lanes were blocked; however, a tow truck was required in order to transport vehicles involved.

In addition, it is unclear how many were injured, but at least one person was transported to a nearby hospital by medical personnel. Authorities have not yet released any information on the injured party at this time.

Currently, this crash remains under investigation as authorities work to determine the exact cause and liable party in the crash.

Further details will be reported at a later time once the investigation has concluded.

Our May Firm staff is deeply saddened upon hearing news of this accident, and will keep the victim as well as their family and loved ones in our thoughts and prayers during this tremendously difficult time.

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