At Least Four People Seriously Injured in Private Charter Bus Accident on Highway 101 Near Cesar Chavez Boulevard in San Francisco

ON December 12, 2017

At least 30 people aboard private charter bus that overturned

On Friday, a private charter bus was involved in a traffic accident on Highway 101 north of Cesar Chavez Boulevard, causing injury to at least four people, according to the SFGate.

As mentioned in the article, the accident occurred at about 8:00 p.m. in the southbound traffic lanes of Highway 101 just north of Cesar Chavez Street.

The bus was reportedly loaded with at least 30 people, according to officials.  The vehicle somehow overturned after losing control and crashing into the center divider, rolling over onto its side and injuring everyone aboard.  Authorities stated that four victims were seriously injured.

Additionally, at least two people inside the bus had to be rescued by firefighters after being trapped.  Moreover, all 29 passengers as well as the driver were transported by paramedics to local hospitals.  At least five women and three men were taken to San Francisco General Hospital, said the article.

Currently, the traffic collision is being investigated by the authorities, and further information will be relayed at a later time.

From the office of The May Firm, we offer our deepest condolences to the victims in the incident.  We will keep the friends and family members affected by this loss in our thoughts and prayers.

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