37-Year-Old Passenger Killed in Fatal Big Rig Car Crash Along Highway 99 Near Mitchell Road in Modesto

37-Year-Old Passenger Killed in Fatal Big Rig Car Crash Along Highway 99 Near Mitchell Road in Modesto

ON February 27, 2018

Honda rear-ends big rig on freeway, killing passenger

Jacob Hoggat was arrested after causing a fatal rear-end car crash with a big rig on SR-99 Freeway in Modesto south of Mitchell Road that ended the life of his 37-year-old passenger, according to a local CBS news article.

According to the article, the accident occurred in the northbound lanes of the Highway 99 freeway late Monday night.

Officials report that a Honda rear-ended a big rig semi-truck on the freeway.  Per the news article, the truck was traveling at 55 miles per hour, whereas the Hodna was going “well over that speed,” according to authorities.

Furthermore, the rear-end collision caused the Honda to spin out of control before it crashed through a fence and onto a frontage road.

Authorities mentioned that one victim, a 37-year-old passenger inside the Honda, was pronounced dead at the scene after the accident.  Meanwhile, 30-year-old Jacob Hoggat, the Turlock resident driving the Honda, was arrested.  Drugs or alcohol were determined to have been factors in the fatal truck accident.

Currently, this crash remains under investigation as authorities work to gather more evidence in this case.

Further details will be reported at a later time once the investigation has concluded.

Our May Firm staff is deeply saddened upon hearing news of this accident, and will keep the victim as well as their family and loved ones in our thoughts and prayers during this tremendously difficult time.

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