Plane crashes into a house on Rhonda Avenue in Riverside after cheerleading competition by Disneyland

According to an article from The Press Enterprise, two people were injured and three were killed on Monday when a plane crashed into a Riverside neighborhood house shortly after takeoff due to an engine malfunction.

A husband and wife along with three teenagers attended a weekend competition for cheerleading at Disneyland before they boarded the small Cessna 310 plane at Riverside Municipal Airport to return home to San Jose, the article stated.

The wife piloted the Cessna 310 plane before it went down at about 4:40 p.m. just a mile east of the airport.  It crashed into a Riverside neighborhood and caused a fire that destroyed two houses.

One surviving victim was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton for treatment of her extremely severe injuries on Monday night.  Their identity was not revealed at the time.

The other survivor was a teenage girl.  She suffered very minor injuries.  Officials stated that she was very lucky to have been ejected from the plane before it had split apart.  Per the article, it is not specified if the victims were all a family or not.  A witness claimed that the pilot kept calling for her daughter.

The subsequent fire that set houses ablaze in the neighborhood was not contained for hours through the night, due to the large amount of fuel that was released during the crash.  Firefighters searched through the homes to make sure that no one else was injured in the fatal plane crash.

The report did not specify how the engine failed or malfunctioned, causing the tragic plane crash.  Authorities have speculated that Monday’s rainy weather might have contributed to the crash, although they were not able to give a definite answer.

Currently, the plane crash is being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board, and further details will be made available once authorities have determined the cause of the accident.

From The May Firm, our heart-felt prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragic plane crash.  There truly are no further words that can be said about this traumatic incident.

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