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California Pharmaceutical Liability Lawyer

If you have recently been injured by pharmaceutical products and you wish to receive the medical compensation you deserve (in addition to the loss of wages from your time off of work and any other costs directly related to the pharmaceutical defect), you have a limited window of time to act. Contact the California pharmaceutical liability lawyers at the May Firm now. The sooner you act after being injured by defective pharmaceutical products, the better the chance you have of receiving the compensation that you deserve.

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In the Case of Pharmaceutical Defects, Who Is Liable?

The manufacturers of the pharmaceutical product that you ingested (for any prescription or over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements, or medical devices) take fully liability for any damages that their pharmaceutical product inflicts on an individual. If their product harms an individual, they must pay the medical compensation that is related to the defective pharmaceutical product in full.

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How Do Dangerous Products Reach the Shelves?

When a new pharmaceutical product enters the market, it goes through a rigorous process that is held by the Food and Drug Administration. Although the FDA does research into the history of any adverse side effects the drug may have, oftentimes the research that is done in the FDA is inconclusive. Any new side effects of the prescription drug must be reported within 15 days of the initial release of the product, meaning that many side effects that had not been fully researched may be experienced by unsuspecting patients. Since these side effects are still part of the original pharmaceutical product’s compound, the fault is placed on the manufacturer of the pharmaceutical product.

How to Open a Case

If the manufacturer of the pharmaceutical product refuses to pay for the medical expenses incurred when their product inflicted damage on an individual, a case can then be taken to court in order to force the manufacturer to pay for the medical expenses. If you have recently been injured by a pharmaceutical product, do not waste time.

Call the experienced attorneys at the May Firm today to open a case and receive the compensation you deserve for the damage that was inflicted upon you and your family. The sooner you open the case, the better your chances of receiving compensation for the medical expenses you incurred by taking the pharmaceutical product. You deserve to be compensated for any loss of wages and health care bills that were incurred through no fault of your own, so call the May Firm today!

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