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California Minors Lawyer

Whenever you prepare to file a lawsuit in California for a personal injury claim for a minor, you have a different time frame to work with than if you were filing suit on behalf of 
an adult. When filing against an adult, you have up to two years from the wrongful act before you no longer have any legal right for recourse.

When it comes to a representing the interest of a minor
(under the age of 18) in California, attorneys have two years from the date of said “minor’s” eighteenth birthday or until the minor’s twentieth birthday to file suit on behalf of the minor. This only pertains to personal injury cases (not med-mal or claims against a government agency). It is always recommended that all clients see an attorney.

Now, when it comes to medical malpractice, the time frames changes. For example, the two-year mark changes to one year from the date the claimant became aware of the incident. Now let’s add some confusion to the foray. If the child is under six years of age, then you have to file within a year of the child’s eighteenth birthday (or eleven years old).

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“Robert, Cameron, and his staff are great. From day one, the expectations were explained and updates were always provided. Robert put me at ease by reassuring me the case would be handled appropriately from beginning to end. I give him and his staff credit for the quick resolve to my case.”


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“A friendly and professional firm. Always answered questions quickly. Highly recommended to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer. Extremely satisfied with the outcome.”

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“The staff was friendly and very helpful throughout my entire case. Sienna stood out with her great customer service and help. I would recommend The May Firm to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney.”

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Whenever an accident happens, it is in your best interest to file immediately.
Of course, some symptoms don’t occur immediately. In these cases, you need
to know what to do. If you aren’t a personal injury attorney, you might not know
what you can and cannot do. That’s where the personal injury attorneys of
the May Firm can assist you.

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In California, you have rights that cannot be denied. If you have been injured, you have time frames that you have to follow. Even so, the laws are constantly changing, so you might not know that you can still file.

That’s why a free call to us can help you determine your next course of action. You may have the legal right to sue for any damages that you may have incurred, including compensation for all medical costs and even future costs, even if the time frames don’t match perfectly.

At the May Firm, you can find a great personal injury attorney team that can help you start the process and get exactly what you need. The attorneys at the May Firm are well versed in California state laws, and they know how to help you get the most for all of your suffering.

“Highly reliable and responsible team of sharp professionals. As a client, I am grateful for the assistance and help in my personal injury case. They took care of every aspect of the process, being very supportive and responsive to my every question and concern. I highly recommend the May Firm as the most professional team of personal injury lawyers in California.”


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Whatever you do, do not sit back and wait for the company to come running to your rescue. Instead, you need to take the fight to them. Contact our office for more information on accident injuries involving a child.

Protect their legal rights or just talk to us about your situation to see if we can help you. The consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose.

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