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California Herniated Disc Lawyers

What is a Herniated Disc?

Your spine is made up of individual bones, called vertebrae, and the rubbery cushions, called discs, that are located between them. A herniated disc is a type of back injury that involves an injury to one or more of the discs in your spine. Most herniated discs develop when the cushion between the vertebrae in the spine are pushed out of their natural position.

Nerves are disrupted, and pain ensues. Some herniated discs may cause numbness and/or weakness in other parts of the body, such as the arm or leg.

Some herniated discs do not require significant medical intervention to heal. Others, however, may require surgery. Surgery can be expensive, painful in the short term, and require you to take time off from work to recover. Depending on the cause and nature of your herniated disc injury, you may have to undergo more than one surgery.

If you suffered a herniated disc injury as a result of someone else’s actions, contact a personal injury lawyer right away! To ensure the smoothest road to recovery, you should ally yourself with a personal injury lawyer who specializes in herniated disc cases. The attorneys at the May Firm have the know-how to represent you in your disc injury claim and to ensure the largest payout possible! Call our California herniated disc lawyers today for a free case review!

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What Causes a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc may occur for any number of reasons, including natural causes and accidents. More often than not, disc herniations occur as a result of the gradual wear and tear of aging. As you get older, your spinal discs lose some of their water content. As a result, they become less flexible and more prone to injury. A minor tear or twist could lead to one or more of the discs tearing. If you use your back muscles as opposed to your leg and thigh muscles to lift a heavy object, such as a box, you could suffer from a herniated disc. In most instances, this would be considered an aging-related injury. However, if you are made to twist or turn while lifting the object because someone collided with you in the process, the cause of injury may be classified as an accident. If this injury is caused or aggravated by someone else’s actions, you may have a claim for compensation!

Pinched Nerve Injury

Sometimes a herniated disc injury may be referred to as a pinched nerve. For all intents and purposes, this is generally an accurate description of the injury. When a disc becomes herniated, or moved out of place, the movement of the cushion causes the nerves on the outside of the spine to literally become pinched. Although this type of injury can be minor, it is important not to downplay the potential severity simply because the term “pinched nerve” doesn’t sound as serious as “herniated disc.”

The injured person may feel a variety of sensations at the point where the nerves become pinched. Sometimes the dominant sensation is pain. Other times an injured person may experience numbness and tingling, either at the site 
of the injury or in their limbs. It may become difficult for someone who is suffering from a herniated disc to exercise full control over their arms and/or legs due to numbness and decreased sensation. In some rarer instances, the sufferer can experience loss of control over their bladder.

Fortunately, California courts have a well-established history of providing settlements in herniated disc 
lawsuits that are large enough to compensate the victim 
for their suffering.

The older you get, the more at risk you become of suffering from a herniated disc. In addition to the mild to severe pain that this type of injury can cause, herniated discs can lead to huge medical bills and an overall decreased quality of life. It can be difficult to play with your children or grandchildren or to play basketball with friends when you have a disc out of place in your spine. If someone else is to blame for your herniated disc injury, contact a personal injury lawyer at the May Firm now!

Long-Term Effects of Herniated Discs

It is important to understand that herniated discs are not simply minor back injuries that will heal with time. People who suffer from herniated discs can develop and suffer from various chronic problems if they do not receive the appropriate treatment for their injury, whether that treatment is surgery or a less invasive solution.

Although some herniated discs may migrate back into place on their own, this is very rarely the case. More often than not, people forego visiting their doctor to diagnose the cause of their severe back pain because they assume that whatever the problem is will go away. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t typically go away on its own, and leaving the healing process up to fate will often only aggravate your herniated disc in the long run.

Case Value of Herniated Disc Case

The value of your herniated disc case, or the amount you may be entitled to recover in court, is based on a number of factors. While no two herniated disc injuries are alike, many of these cases will ultimately settle out of court for several hundred thousand dollars or more.

The total amount of compensation you may be able to recover can be affected by the severity of your injury, the course of treatment that is recommended by the doctors that are treating you, your medical history, and the overall effectiveness of your injury lawyer. Cases in which there is more than one herniated disc injury often result in larger payouts than cases with only one injury. In addition, herniated disc injuries that result in surgical repair often lead to larger settlement offers or court-awarded damages than those that do not require significant medical intervention. Depending on the specific facts of your case, an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to assess whether you will receive a larger payout through a settlement or by navigating the complexities of a trial.

When assessing the value of your herniated disc claim, your lawyer will calculate the sum of the medical costs that you’ve already incurred related to your condition in addition to any anticipated medical costs that you may incur in the future as well as any lost wages that were a result of your inability to work due to your injury. In California, most herniated disc lawsuit settlements include a specific dollar amount for pain and suffering that is intended to compensate you for your diminished quality of life.

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