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California Child Car Seat Injury Lawyers

Until they reach a certain height and weight, children are
expected to sit in a car seat whenever they ride in a car.
For approximately the first decade of their lives, children are
too small physically to withstand a car accident. Car seats
are designed and utilized with safety in mind.

The style and overall setup of car seats will vary depending
on each stage of childhood. A newborn baby, for example,
will require a car seat design that is very different from what
an eight-year-old child would require. Some car seats are
front-facing, meaning the child is facing the same direction
as everyone else in the car.

Others, particularly those designed for infants and babies
within their first year of life, are rear-facing and provide extra
protection in the event of a front-end collision.

Manufacturers are required to follow certain rules and
regulations regarding the design of car seats in order to meet
the safety needs of children. These regulations may include
the material that a car seat may be made out of and the
location of the safety buckles. Failure to abide by these
regulations can result in a defective, unsafe car seat.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers are resistant to abiding by
these important safety regulations. Their goals involve saving
money on production costs and making a larger profit, not
ensuring the safety of children. If ignoring safety guidelines
leaves their wallets a little fuller, manufacturers have no shame
in putting kids in harm’s way. Car seats that do not conform to
today’s safety standards may not protect your child.

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“The staff was friendly and very helpful throughout my entire case. Sienna stood out with her great customer service and help. I would recommend The May Firm to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney.”

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Child Car Seats Are Not Always Safe

Without a proper car seat, a child cannot ride safely in a car. Unfortunately, they are no better off in a car seat that is poorly manufactured or designed. Safety regulations exist to ensure that your child can travel along California roadways safely and without fear of injury. When you purchase a car seat,
 you expect it to keep your child both comfortable and safe. In the event of 
an accident, it should keep your child in place and their injuries to a minimum. Unfortunately, this does not always happen when a car seat is not 
designed properly.

If you are a parent, you may have noticed that not all car seats are created equal. Some are defective and even damaged, while others are not in
compliance with the safety regulations required by law. Unfortunately, 
you may not realize its defective nature until it’s too late. When a car seat 
is unable to protect your child in the way that it should, the consequences 
can be catastrophic. Defective car seats may not only fail to prevent injury
but could actually contribute to the seriousness of your child’s injuries 
in the event of a crash.

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Who Is Responsible?

It is the responsibility of child car seat manufacturers to ensure that they produce car seats that conform to all current safety regulations. They are also responsible for ensuring that every part that makes up each car seat is in working order. The straps that hold your child in place should be long enough to accommodate their body comfortably without being too loose and should not be frayed. They should also be sturdy enough to keep the child in place if they are projected forward in an accident. If a car seat is produced with weak or defective parts, it is inherently unsafe.

In addition to ensuring that each car seat is constructed with strong parts, car seat manufacturers are responsible for remaining up to date on all of the safety regulations required by law.The law is ever-changing as technology advances. With new technological advances come new regulations to ensure the safety of the public. If a new regulation indicates that a particular car seat design is unsafe, manufacturers are required to stop producing car seats using that design. If they don’t, they can be held liable for any injuries that a child suffers in that car seat.

If your child was hurt by their car seat, the car seat manufacturer is responsible for their injuries. If a car seat manufacturer fails to comply with current safety regulations and produces a product that is unsafe and causes harm, they are liable for any damages that result. You have every right to sue the car seat manufacturer to ensure that you and your child are compensated for their injuries.

Defective Car Seat Injury Attorneys

If your child was injured by a car seat, contact the May Firm today. We will make sure that the manufacturer is held responsible for its products and the pain and suffering that they caused. If their negligence, incompetence, ignorance, or sheer disregard for safety led to your child’s suffering, you are entitled to compensation. The attorneys at the May Firm specialize in representing clients whose children have been injured by car seats. We are well versed in the laws surrounding car seat injuries. Call the May Firm today! 
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