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Rear-End Collision Lawyers in California

What constitutes a rear-end collision?

“Rear-end collision” is a term used to describe an accident involving one car striking the rear (trunk) of another car. Typically, accidents involving a driver backing into an object, such as a tree or even another vehicle, aren’t considered a rear-end collision.. A rear-end accident happens when the front end of one car collides directly with the back end of another car. A rear-end collision could lead to minimal damage, or it could have serious consequences. It all depends on how the crash occurs.

The May Firm has always been proud to help clients who have been injured in a rear-end collision. We firmly believe that if you didn’t cause the accident, you shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences for it.

Cause of a rear-end collision

A rear-end collision can be caused by a number of things. Sometimes, traffic may come to a sudden stop and a driver isn’t able to stop in time to avoid hitting the car in front of him. Other times, a driver may be tailgating and smash into the back of an unsuspecting motorist. In some cases, a driver may eagerly push on the gas-pedal when the driver in front of him is still at a complete stop. . There are any number of ways in which a rear-end car accident can happen so it’s important to drive defensively and be aware of the cars behind you.

Car vs. car accidents

A common type of rear-end collision is an accident that occurs between two cars. Generally, cars are similar in weight and general size. There are exceptions to this, like when one car is an SUV and the other is a standard sedan. The damage resulting from the accident would depend largely on how hard “Car A” impacts the rear-end of “Car B”. In a perfect world, these types of accidents would never happen. However, because people are not perfect, the personal injury attorneys at The May Firm strive to advocate for victims who were harmed by the negligent conduct of other drivers.

Motorcycle vs. car accidents

Rear-end collisions can become more dangerous if one of the vehicles involved is a motorcycle. If a car rear-ends a motorcycle, the motorcycle rider is more likely to suffer serious injuries because the rider has no protection against the impact. The motorcycle may also be demolished because cars are much heavier than motorcycles. If a motorcycle rear-ends a car, then the damage to the car is often less than the damage to the motorcycle and rider. However, neither scenario is a good one.

Truck vs. car accidents

Rear-end collisions involving a truck and a car can have serious consequences. When we say “truck,” we mean a tractor trailer or semi truck – in other words, a big truck with multiple axles, typically the kind that you need a special license in order to drive. We aren’t referring to your every-day pickup truck. Tractor trailer trucks are enormous, therefore they are harder to slow down and stop than passenger vehicles. If a truck rear-ends a car, the damages are going to be significant. In such a case, The May Firm is here to help the injured victims to make sure they aren’t left struggling to cope with their injuries and mounting medical bills.

Truck vs. motorcycle accidents

Perhaps the most dangerous type of rear-end collision involves a big truck and a motorcycle. Although a motorcycle could collide with the back of a truck and potentially leave the truck unharmed, a wreck involving a truck that has rear-ended a motorcycle is almost surely fatal. If not, the motorcyclist can expect to suffer from long-term injuries that will require ongoing medical treatment.

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Multiple vehicle rear-end collisions

In some instances, there may be multiple cars involved in a rear-end collision. These types of accidents often occur in traffic, where one car is unable to slow down in time and rear-ends the car in front, propelling it forward and causing a domino effect. Although less common, multiple rear-end collision accidents do happen. In such a case, the at-fault driver might try to claim that they are only responsible for the injuries to the driver whose car they directly rear-ended. The May Firm will track down the at-fault driver and make sure her or she is held responsible. If someone causes a multiple vehicle rear-end collision, he or she should be liable for the full extent of the damage that they cause.

Types of damage resulting from rear-end collisions

When one car rear-ends another, there will often be physical damage to one or both of the cars. Typically, the car that caused the accident would suffer damage to the front, often in the grill, headlights, and/or hood. The car that was rear-ended would have damage to the rear bumper and/or tail lights. This type of damage can range from minor dings and dents to harm so great that one or both of the cars is a total loss.

Additionally, drivers and passengers involved in a rear-end collision may suffer physical injury, commonly referred to as “personal injury.” The May Firm has seen many cases where the driver and/or passengers in a car that was rear-ended have suffered from hyperextension of the neck. Hyperextension of the neck is an injury that results when the head keeps moving forward while the body is held in place. Hyperextension of the neck can have both short-term and long-term consequences. Concussions, spinal injuries, broken bones, and bruises are also common injuries suffered by drivers and passengers in a rear-end collision.

Why The May Firm?

The May Firm personal injury attorneys have extensive experience handling cases arising from rear-end collision accidents. We have successfully represented thousands of clients – helping them recover the compensation that they deserve for their injuries. Our personal injury lawyers have extensive knowledge in how rear-end collisions occur and how to best craft your case to ensure that you are compensated appropriately. When you become our client, you become family.

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