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California aviation accidents can occur at any time. They can be the result of mechanical failure, pilot error, or any list of other causes. Whether the plane is large or small, commercial or private, it has the ability to cause serious destruction.

Pilots must go through lengthy, intensive training in order to be licensed to fly a plane. The requirements for a commercial pilot to fly are different from what is required of a private pilot. Inexperienced pilots, including those that have flown for a while but are not yet licensed, are not permitted to pilot any aircraft alone. If they were to do so, the results could be disastrous.

Aviation accidents can be a result of any list of causes. All planes must be inspected prior to takeoff to ensure that there are no mechanical issues. Any issues found during the inspection must be resolved before the plane leaves the tarmac. If a mechanical issue is not detected, an accident could be inevitable.

Birds being sucked into the propeller can cause a plane to crash just as easily as an inexperienced or distracted pilot. A sleep-deprived pilot may lose focus and make a deadly mistake.

Whatever the cause, you are entitled to compensation if you’ve been injured in an aviation accident. At The May Firm, we pride ourselves in effectively representing victims of aviation accidents in claims against at-fault pilots, airlines, airplane manufacturers, and anyone else who may be liable for their injuries.



Although not nearly as common as automobile, boat, bus, or bicycle accidents, aviation accidents are incredibly devastating. Aviation accidents have the potential to injure, if not kill, hundreds of people at a time. For those fortunate enough to survive an aviation accident, the aftermath can be debilitating. Victims of aviation accidents may suffer serious injuries such as paralysis, loss of limb, or serious disfiguration.

The mental and emotional effects of these types of accidents are just as serious. Those who survived a plane crash often experience a serious fear of flying. This fear may prevent them from taking leisurely trips with their friends and family and even from traveling for work! If an aviation accident victim is able to convince themselves to board a plane, they may experience significant emotional stress that could result in an all-out emotional breakdown. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of an aviation accident is no joke!

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It does not matter if the company you were flying with is small or large. Every airline has attorneys on a retainer to defendant protect the manufacturer, the pilot, and the company itself. Their defense attorneys know both the logistics of the law and the characteristics of the planes inside and out. They know what they can get away with, what they can’t, and how much money they will need to throw at you to make you drop your claim.

Many airlines immediately seek a settlement as a means to mitigate their damages. Essentially, these types of settlements are used as “hush money” because they would require you to sign non-disclosure agreements forbidding you to talk about the accident, your injuries, or any other related issues. They will also bar you from seeking future litigation if you were to discover new information or your injuries were to worsen down the line. The airline will be able to walk away without any damage to their reputation or the fear of future litigation while you will be left incredibly undercompensated.


Have you been injured in an aviation accident or do you know someone who has been? While aviation accidents are devastating, aviation laws are not for the faint of heart. It is important for aviation accident victims to seek the help of an attorney who specializes in these types of accidents and who understands the ins and outs of aviation law in California. A lawyer who does not specialize in aviation accidents or fatal airplane crashes may not be able to adequately represent you if you’ve been hurt while flying. The aviation accident attorneys at The May Firm have trained alongside professional soloists with years of experience and have a thorough understanding of the aviation laws in California. Our lawyers will provide you with the best possible representation for your complex aviation case.

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The aviation accident lawyers at The May Firm know California aviation law and are ready to help you! While any licensed attorney can do research, it takes someone who specializes in aviation law to truly understand its intricacies and build the strongest case possible.

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If you have been injured as a result of an aviation accident, you have the right to recover for your injuries. California allows the victims of aviation accidents to recover compensation for medical costs, future expenses, and damages for pain and suffering. The May Firm will work day and night to ensure that you are able to recover everything that you rightfully deserve.

Whatever you do, do not sit back and wait for the airline to come running to your rescue – it won’t! Contact The May Firm for more information about recovering for your injuries. We offer a free consultation before taking on your case. The may Firm has offices in San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Fresno, and Bakersfield.