Why You Need A California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Being involved in a motorcycle accident is a serious matter that may require both legal action and medical care. In most cases, motorcycle riders, no matter how carefully they drive, may be involved in at least one collision throughout their lifetime. Here in California, reports show that 65% of motorcycle-related collisions were the fault of motorcyclists. If you are a motorcyclist, it is important to drive within safe speed, avoid improper turning, and drive sober to avoid accidents. If you however, have failed to do so and unfortunately, have caused an accident or, if you have gotten into an accident that was not your fault, it is recommended that you hire a California motorcycle accident lawyer. An accident lawyer will help you better represent your case in court and more importantly, ensure that you receive a just settlement.

Motorcycle Riding is Fun But Dangerous

Motorcycle riding is a form of pleasure to most riders and California is evidently one of the best places to ride one, scenery-wise. Unfortunately, along with this pleasure comes danger and California, like any other places will not clear its paths, trails and roadways from other running vehicles and hazards to keep you safe at all times. It is your duty as a motorcyclist to ensure your own safety and others’ as well. If you have a California motorcycle license, you received this training at the motorcycle rider training course required by the California DMV for license processing. You have also known that not wearing a helmet is against the law and since this is your very best protection to prevent a fatal accident or a traumatic brain injury, in case of an accident, never ever ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

Even Highly Skilled Motorcycle Riders Get Into Accidents

Despite cautiousness, motorcycle accidents still do happen. If you are injured in a motorcycle crash, you have to have a fighter’s mindset. Your fight does not end after surviving an accident, this is when the next battle begins. You will start fighting to recover from your injuries, your losses and then for your legal rights. It will be a tough process especially after such a traumatic experience. Nevertheless, it is in your best interest to seek help from a California motorcycle accident lawyer. Lessen your burdens by allowing a lawyer with experience handling motorcycle accident injuries cases do what is needed so you will not be left without compensation.

Reasons For Hiring A California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Laws and processes differ from one state to another. Make sure to look for a California-based motorcycle accident lawyer knowledgeable of your locality’s procedures for faster and better results that exceed your expectation.

Filing a Case

In California, a damage claim may be filed for personal injury brought about by motorcycle accident any time after it occurred. However, it should be settled within two years as per the Motorcycle Accident Injury Statute of Limitations. If not, your rights to be paid may be extinguished and the insurance company will have no obligations to pay you even if a claim has been filed and negotiations have occurred. Claims processing is complex and may take a lot of time especially if you are not familiar with the ins and outs. If you hire a dependable lawyer, he or she can start filing your case even while you are still recovering from your injury. Moreover, his or her expertise can help expedite the process to ensure that the decision is reached in a timely manner.

Receiving A Just Settlement

Insurance companies will offer you the lowest compensation no matter how severe your losses and injuries are to maintain their profits. This is the truth and those who file their claims by themselves are witnesses to such scam. If you do not want to be scammed the same way, you should hire a motorcycle accident lawyer that has a proven background in handling personal injury claims. Do not let insurance companies take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the process, hire a lawyer to protect your rights and get the settlement that you deserve.

Settlement VS Trial

In most cases, persons involved in motorcycle accidents are not confident enough to decide whether to go for settlement or trial. This is due to inexperience causing uncertainties. Because it is not likely that these persons have gone through the same accidents multiple times, their understanding is limited, and therefore more likely to make the wrong decision. This is another important role that a lawyer can play effectively. Only an experienced car accident lawyer can give you a reliable answer whether you should go to court or consider settlement.

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The process of getting compensated for your losses after a motorcycle accident already a complex matter, unexpected conflicts may still arise. If you have a skilled California motorcycle accident lawyer to walk you through every step of the way.