When you’ve been injured, whether in a slip and fall, an auto accident, or any other unexpected incident, you need to find a California personal injury lawyer who can take on your case without causing you any additional stress. Your first priority needs to be focusing on your health, and it’s important to find an attorney who understands this.

You certainly have a lot of options when searching for a personal injury attorney in the state of California, so we wanted to cover a few of the things you should look for when shopping around for a lawyer to take on your case.

1. A free consultation.

Make sure you start your search by finding a firm that offers a free consultation or case review. You don’t want to start paying hundreds of dollars before you even choose a lawyer to represent you.

Starting with free consultations and talking about your case with a few different personal injury lawyers can help you get a feel for who you would most like to work with and who you trust with your case.

2. Look into the firm’s practice areas.

Not all personal injury lawyers are created equally. Some focus on certain types of accidents and injuries more than others. Regardless of the commercials you see on TV, make sure the personal injury lawyer that you choose has verified experience with your specific type of case.

3. Ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Ask around to see if anyone you know has used a personal injury lawyer or knows someone who has. Getting recommendations from people you trust is a great way to find a lawyer you know will represent you well.

Try posting on social media asking for recommendations to reach slightly outside of your circle if no one close to you has worked with a personal injury attorney.

4. Read online reviews.

If someone has had a poor experience with a personal injury lawyer, you can certainly find out about it by looking up that attorney’s online reviews. Check Facebook, Google, and Yelp for the firms you’re looking into to see if people have more positive or negative experiences with those attorneys.

If you’re currently searching for a California personal injury lawyer, we would love to sit down with you for a free no obligation case of your incident and discuss how we can help you win your case.