After a car crash, stay calm as best you can. This is a bad situation, but you can get through it. If you or someone in the car is injured, call emergency services right away. If someone has been critically injured they should be transported to the hospital immediately for emergency care. If it does not seem that emergency care is required, still you ought to call the police so they can make a traffic incident report regarding the car crash. The car crash report will assist so that all the information is gathered, the witnesses are noted and you will have the opportunity to document any physical injuries you may have at the scene.


If a police report is not made you will have to gather the information yourself. Do not admit fault and resist the temptation to apologize. Gather as much information as possible, but you will certainly need the following: the other driver’s personal information–name, phone number and driver’s license number, the other driver’s insurance information–insurance company’s name, policy holder’s name and policy number. Check that the policy is valid and matches the car and driver. Write this information down yourself; don’t trust that the other driver will write down the information honestly. Take photos of your car and any other cars in the car crash. Take a picture of the other driver involved in the car crash. Take a picture of any skid marks, broken glass or other physical evidence. Take a picture of any visible injuries. When you get home make a binder to keep all your things and paperwork related to the car crash. Stay organized. Often times more information will needed, an knowledgeable car crash lawyer knows what information is needed and knows the best way to get it.


Get treatment quickly. Go to the Emergency room, urgent care, chiropractic practitioner or family doctor. Do not self-diagnose. You have just been though a shocking event, your body will respond with elevated adrenalin, so you will probably not feel the problems right away. If you put off treatment, the insurance company will argue that if you did not seek immediate treatment you were not seriously injured. Do not give them the chance to make this argument. Once you have commenced treatment do not go more than a few days between procedures. Avoid gaps in treatment of more than a few days. If you cannot pay for medical attention, or do not have health insurance, the car crash attorneys at will assist you in obtaining medical treatment on a lien basis, which means payment for services will be required only after the your case has settled.


If you have an attorney, he or she will open up the insurance claim. It is most effective to have a injury attorney speak with the insurance companies so your claim is presented in the best possible light. If you do not have a personal injury lawyer, call and file a claim with both your car insurance and the other driver’s insurance. Ask your insurance representative if you have medical payments insurance coverage. This is a no-fault coverage that can be used to pay for treatment related to the car crash. This is particularly helpful if you do not have health insurance. Do NOT tell the insurance company about your injuries or lack thereof. You will get a telephone call from either your insurance or the other driver’s insurance within a few days. The adjusters often call very immediately so that they can get a statement about your personal injuries before the injuries are felt. In fact, it often takes as long as a few days or more, after the car crash, before your injuries become apparent. Do NOT give a statement regarding the personal injuries sustained in the car crash.


You want a local, reputable personal injury lawyer that exclusively practices personal injury and handles car crash cases. There are many attorneys that do other things, but will take a car crash case if it comes their way—avoid this scenario. Your attorney should be a personal injury specialist, not a jack of all trades. The car crash attorneys at The May Firm solely practice personal injury law with an emphasis on car crash cases.
The personal injury lawyers at The May Firm have extensive knowledge and experience car crash cases and we only handle personal injury cases. If you are a victim of an auto accident, contact personal injury lawyer at The May Firm, free of charge.
The May Firm only accepts car crash cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not pay our attorneys a penny if you do not win your personal injury claim.