A personal injury is defined as a physical injury to a person’s body; it does not include “injuries” — or damage — to your property or reputation. In a personal injury case, there is the injured party and the person responsible for the injury. Most personal injury lawyers actively handle a variety of personal injury cases, and some of them may even specialize in a specific area of personal injury. This specialization comes from experience. Here is a list of the most common types of personal injuries a person can endure.

Car Accidents.

Sometimes, a car accident is just a car accident, particularly when you are at-fault for the accident and no one else was injured. However, there are many instances of personal injuries stemming from car accidents. A personal injury in a car accident occurs when you were injured and were not at-fault for the accident. This could mean someone ran a red light or stop sign and collided with your vehicle. Or it could be as simple as a fender bender  that left you with a case of whiplash. No matter how severe your injury, you could have a personal injury case against the person whose negligence caused the accident.

Slip and Fall Accidents.

Have you ever slipped on a substance at your local “big box” store and fallen to the ground? Many slip and fall accidents result in embarrassment and a sore hip. However, those cases when a person fell and hit their head, broke a bone, suffered whiplash or any other type of severe injury and it was due to someone else’s negligence —  that’s a personal injury. The store manager or property owner where the slip and fall occurred must have known about the danger and done something to try to fix it. If not, they could be held liable for the accident.

Dog Bites.

Many dogs are very friendly, but don’t let their sweet demeanor make you complacent. A dog is still an animal, and it is unpredictable. Children are particularly vulnerable to dog bites since they may not realize a dog has boundaries. Whether the accident was provoked or not, the dog’s owner is required to be responsible for their pet. Dog bites can become very serious very quickly, so always seek medical attention even if the bite doesn’t look that bad.

Dangerous Products

You can absolutely suffer from a personal injury due to a defective product. Examples include: medication, vehicle tires, airbags, child safety seats, seat belts, recalled products and asbestos. When you suffer an injury from a product that you used appropriately, the manufacturer or others could be held responsible for your injuries.

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