What Are The Odds of Winning a Personal Injury Lawsuit

People often ask, “What the odds of winning a personal injury lawsuit”. The short answer – your odds of winning a personal injury lawsuit increase dramatically if you hire a qualified personal injury lawyer. If you have suffered wrongly at the hands of another, you may be entitled to a claim for financial compensation for your damages and/or loss. Personal injury lawsuits make up a significant percentage of the total litigation in the United States. In fact, 60% of all real property, tort and contract cases are related to personal injury. The reason there has been a rise in personal injury lawsuits is not that people have become more litigious.

The reason for the rise in personal injury lawsuits is a direct result of insurance companies becoming completely unreasonable. Insurance companies made the business decision to force injured claimants to file personal injury lawsuits because they (insurance companies) have the endless resources to litigate cases, whereas the average claimant does not have the monetary resources or time to become mired in a personal injury lawsuit they never wanted. Most personal injury victims just want to be treated with respect and compensated fairly. This does not happen without retaining a personal injury attorney.