Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

It’s important to protect your rights after a motor vehicle accident. You or a loved one may be confused, injured and unsure of what to do. Seeking experienced legal counsel immediately after an accident is key to ensuring that you’re treated fairly. The top 7 reasons that you should contact an attorney first are:

1. Evidence Will Not Last Forever

Evidence must be preserved after an accident and an attorney can secure this evidence. If your case goes to trial the evidence will be critical for determining who was at fault.

2. Statute of Limitations Will Apply

In California, you only have two years to file a personal injury claim. After this point, your case will be thrown out.

3. Determining Who Was at Fault

Determining fault after a motor vehicle accident can be difficult. California is a “fault” state. This means that fault can split between the parties involved in an accident.

For example, imagine total damages of $10,000. You’re found to be 20% at fault, and the other party is 80% at fault. You would be entitled to 80%, or $8,000.

4. You Cannot Trust the Insurance Company — Any Insurance Company

Insurance companies, even your own, are always going to protect their own interests. Effective legal counsel can protect you from powerful insurance companies who have teams of lawyers working for them.

5. Filing a Lawsuit Is Complex

There are a number of steps involved in filing a lawsuit. If you have been injured in an accident it can be difficult to efficiently complete these steps. An attorney can file the suit on your behalf in a timely manner.

6. Understanding Types of Settlements

Many cases settle out of court, and you may unknowingly accept a low offer from the defendant or insurance companies. Protect yourself with legal counsel and ensure that you receive everything you’re entitled to.

7. Representation in Court

If your case ends up going to trial you will benefit from having a knowledgeable attorney on your side. Remember, the insurance companies will protect their own interests, and so should you.