Have you been injured in an accident in Bakersfield CA? You might want to hire a personal injury lawyer to make a personal injury claim. But how can a lawyer help, and why should you hire a local attorney? Below, we explain why local Bakersfield attorneys are best placed to help with your case.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

First, let’s clarify what a personal injury claim is.

A personal injury is any injury to your mind, body, or emotions. A personal injury claim is a type of legal action. It allows you to claim compensation for losses and suffering associated with these types of injuries.

You can make a claim if: 

  • Someone owned you a duty of care;
  • The person behaved carelessly or negligently;
  • You’re harmed physically, mentally, and/or emotionally; and 
  • The other person’s negligence caused your injuries.

Examples of personal injury claims include:

If your claim is successful, you can get compensation for losses such as:

  • Lost income 
  • Medical bills
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

You can also claim damages for pain and suffering, and funeral expenses if a loved one dies from their injuries.

What Is a Personal Injury Attorney?

A personal injury lawyer specializes in handling personal injury claims. They work with accident victims to help them get the compensation they deserve. For example, personal injury lawyers will:

  • File a claim on behalf of their clients
  • Explain how much a case is worth
  • Help accident victims get the medical help they need 
  • Gather evidence to build a case
  • Negotiate with opposing counsel and insurance companies

A lawyer handles the legal side of things so that an accident victim can focus on healing.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Bakersfield CA?

Technically, no. However, here’s how personal injury attorneys in Bakersfield can help you. 

  • Claims in CA must be made within a certain timeframe. A lawyer will ensure you don’t miss any critical deadlines for filing a civil claim. 
  • Experienced lawyers know whether a settlement offer is fair. They can help you avoid settling for less than you deserve. 
  • A lawyer knows how to preserve and gather evidence, and they’ll help you build the strongest case. 
  • If you don’t hire a lawyer, there’s a chance you will undervalue your losses. A lawyer will ensure you sue all parties who might be responsible for your injuries. They’ll ensure that you claim for all possible damages.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Attorney in Bakersfield

It’s normally best to hire a local attorney when you’re making a personal injury claim. Here’s why.

Understanding of the Local Area

Every community is different. For example, some types of accidents are more common in some counties than others. And every community has unique civil justice concerns.

Bakersfield is no exception. A local lawyer will use their in-depth knowledge to help you build the strongest possible case.

For example, maybe they know accidents are common at a certain intersection. Or they know there have been a few slip and fall cases brought against a particular business. This type of knowledge is invaluable when it comes to negotiating settlements and moving claims forward.

Familiarity with Bakersfield Residents

Local lawyers know what matters to the community they serve. They understand the types of issues the community faces as a whole. They know what role the civil justice system plays in the community, and they’re committed to helping locals thrive.

When you hire an attorney in Bakersfield, you’re hiring someone who cares about local issues. They’re driven to help make the community a safer place where residents get the justice they deserve.

Legal Knowledge

Sure, civil laws are similar across California. However, every area is distinct. For example, settlement offers may be higher in some areas than others. Some types of cases may be more likely to settle, whereas others may be more likely to go to trial.

Personal injury attorneys in Bakersfield can use this legal knowledge to your advantage. They already know what to expect and they can explain how laws apply to your case. They can provide realistic valuations for how much your case is worth. What’s more, they’ll advise you how long your claim may take based on past precedents.

Negotiating Experience

Negotiations are critical to getting clients the settlement offers they deserve. A local attorney already has the benefit of knowing how insurance companies typically work in the area. They have experience negotiating with particular departments and teams, and they know how long claims typically take.

If you hire a Bakersfield personal injury lawyer, you’re hiring a lawyer who knows what to expect from local insurers. This type of knowledge already puts you at an advantage before negotiations begin.

Familiarity with Opposing Counsel

Local lawyers communicate with each other regularly. Choosing a local attorney means they already have a working relationship with other lawyers in the area. This can be beneficial when it comes to negotiations and expediting settlement.

It’s also helpful if a case goes to trial. For one thing, your lawyer already knows what kind of tactics opposing counsel will use. They’ll also know what to expect on the day and how to devise a winning strategy.

Personal injury trials can be complicated. Hiring a local attorney who can put you at ease is one way to make the process less stressful.

Understanding of Court Procedures

Every court across the country is a little different. Local attorneys understand the nuances of the Bakersfield civil courts. They know how to follow the correct procedures and what to expect at hearings. It’s comforting for clients to know that their lawyer frequently appears at a certain court and understands its unique processes.

Local lawyers can help you handle any court dates – including a trial – with confidence.

How to Choose a Bakersfield Accident Attorney

Choosing an attorney can seem overwhelming. With so many firms to choose from, how do you select the right lawyer for you? Here are our tips for hiring a Bakersfield personal injury lawyer for your accident claim.

Ask Questions

Chances are, you have plenty of questions about how personal injury claims work. The right law firm for you will be happy to answer any questions you have.

If you feel like you’re “bothering” your attorney with questions, they might not be the right lawyer for you. Our team is always ready to help our clients – there’s no such thing as a “silly” question!

Check for Evidence of Expertise

Not every lawyer understands personal injury law. And years of experience do not always equal success.

Before hiring a lawyer, look at their track record. Do they win cases? Do they represent clients with cases like yours? Don’t be afraid to ask a firm about its past successes.

The best law firm for you should know what makes a winning case. They’ll know how to strategize to give you the fairest shot at success. Our lawyers are happy to discuss our successful track record with prospective clients.

Clarify the Fee Structure

Justice should be accessible to everyone, no matter how much they can afford to spend. You shouldn’t be prevented from making a claim just because you can’t afford legal fees upfront.

That’s why you should choose a “no win, no fee” personal injury firm. Lawyers at these firms work on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t pay anything unless your case succeeds. Only once your case settles will you pay a pre-agreed amount to cover costs such as legal fees.

At the May Firm, we believe no client should ever be out of pocket to pursue justice. We do not charge unless your case is successful. If, for some reason, your case is unsuccessful, you don’t pay us anything.

Consider How They Treat Clients

Justice is about more than just applying the law. Clients should be at the heart of everything a law firm does. 

  • Look for signs that you’re approaching a client-focused firm. Community involvement is a good place to start. 
  • Browse online reviews or ask past clients for their feedback.

Our lawyers treat clients like family –  every single client matters equally to us. From the initial meeting to settlement, we treat every client with the respect and compassion they deserve.

Hire a Local Bakersfield Accident Attorney Today

Personal injury cases can be complex. If you’re hurt in an accident, your focus should be on recovery rather than worrying about legal procedures. That’s where the May Firm can help.

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As experienced Bakersfield attorneys, we know what matters to our local clients. We know how to get them the settlement offers they deserve and help them through the legal process. Our law firm offers free initial consultations to everyone – and you don’t pay a thing unless we win your case.

Do you have a personal injury claim? Let the May Firm stand at your side. Contact our personal injury attorneys in Bakersfield today.


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